Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessEdit


A magical and powerful man-beast. Cornell has the ability to transform into a werewolf. Destined to uncover the disappearance of his sister Ada, he tracks down Ada's scent to Dracula's castle.

Castlevania JudgmentEdit

A man-beast born from an ancient curse, he's known as Blue Crescent Moon. Cornell is the only man-beast who can control his bestial power, and he hopes to lift the ancient curse that was placed on them. Within the time gap, he cannot return to human form. He's worried about his only relative, Ada, who he has left back home.[1]


  1. The original Judgment press release profile was: Cornell, a proud werewolf whose martial arts are said to be invincible, has come to rescue his younger sister Ada, who was kidnapped and taken to Dracula’s castle. With the blood of beast-men in his veins, in Castlevania Judgment, Cornell is transformed into a wolf and unable to change back.

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