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Cordova Town Map

Cordova Town Map

Cordova Town (Town of Cordoba in the Japanese version) is the sixth stage of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It is accessed from the caves in the Forest of Jigramunt and leads to the Eneomaos Machine Tower and later the Aiolon Ruins.


Lower TownEdit

The lower town of Cordova is a flat town-scape. It is arranged in a grid-like road system with boarded up houses on all sides of the roads. Generally, east-west roads are connected by several short north-south road segments.

Southern SectionEdit

Coming out of the Forest of Jigramunt leads to a short road in the town that comes to a T intersection. Traveling north takes you to the Middle Section, while traveling south leads to a path heads south, then east, then north again which also leads to the Middle Section. This path encircles a single block of town. On the eastern side, you can see an HP Max Up and a Park Swing beyond a grate that you cannot go under yet.

Backtracking: Once you have a Devil-Type Innocent Devil with the Magic Circle ability, you will be able to go underneath the grate and grab the HP Max Up and sit on the Park Swing. Trevor will find a DEF Up here.

Middle SectionEdit

The middle section mostly consists of a long east-west road on its south and north boundary, with three separate road segments connecting those two roads. Two roads on the south-side of the southern road lead to the Southern Section, while two roads on north end of the northern road lead to the Northern Section. The south-western section of this road system is a town fountain, where the Cordova Town Map can be obtained. There is also a dead-end path heading west from the town's fountain that turns north, east (where a Warp Device can be found), and ends in the Chair Room, which exists in another dimension where all of the chairs that you have sat on are gathered in one place.

Northern SectionEdit

Two parallel roads head north from the Middle Section in the Northern Section. The western road angles east and T's into the eastern road. The western road also leads to another road that heads west, north, west again. This road and the eastern road angle in towards each other and merge to a path that will eventually lead to the Upper Town.

Path to Upper TownEdit

The path that heads north out of the Northern Section will head north, then angle west (where there is a Save Chair) and make its way towards the Upper Town.

Upper TownEdit

The upper town is an area that is higher than the rest of the town.

Winding StairwaysEdit

A westward long winding path of stairs going up a hill is the first section of the Upper Town. The last set of northward stairs leads to both the Western Path to the west and the Northern Path of the Upper Town to the North.

Western PathEdit

The Western Path eventually leads to a Bench and some caves that contain the Wind Ring. The cave leads to the Mortvia Aqueduct.

Northern PathEdit

The Northern Path heads east to a cliff side where you can look down below on the town. It then leads to another cliff side. To the north of this cliff is a grate you cannot go underneath yet, but the path also doubles back and heads west again. This eventually leads to a Save Point and the town square where you will fight Isaac for the first time.

Town SquareEdit

Hector Punches Abel

Hector punches Abel in mid-air

This is the area where you fight Isaac for the first time, along with his Innocent Devil, Abel. The battle should be focused on Isaac, since considering the player's level and equipment when entering the Boss area for the first time, the player can only do a very minimal damage to Abel.

Path to the Machine TowerEdit

Heading north from the town square is an area where you can gain the Mage-Type innocent devil. Ahead is the Eneomaos Machine Tower, but in order to get there, you will need the mage's Time Stop ability.


Dialogue Data: Cordova Town (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Town Square
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart56Isaac

Isaac Tests Hector's Abilities
(Camera zooms in on Isaac as he lifts his head)

Isaac: So, you've caught up already.
Hector: Isaac!!
Isaac: (snorts) It's still too soon, but all the same...
(Isaac twirls Chauve-Souris spear)
Isaac: I'll test your abilities and see how much of your power has been restored.

(Isaac readies his spear)


10. Curse of Darkness- Isaac

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Cordova Town (Town Square)
When: Isaac Boss Fight Beginning
Cod offart55Hector

Cod offart56Isaac Julia LaforezeJulia

An Annoying Interruption
(As Hector and Isaac continue to battle each other, Abel swoops down to attack Hector. Hector ducks the attack, dodges Isaac's spear, then kicks Abel as Abel swoops by again. Hector jumps into the air and punches Abel to the ground then lands back on the ground. Hector dodges Issac's attacks then backflips away)

Isaac: Ah, how gratifying! Your power is indeed returning... But it's still not enough!
(Isaac starts to rush toward Hector)
Julia: Brother!! Stop!!
Isaac: Julia... Return, Abel!
(Isaac pulls his hand inward summoning Abel back. Hector looks toward Julia)
Hector: Brother?
Isaac: What an annoying interruption. Well, so be it. It's still too early to finish you anyway. Regain more of your power first. You'll need it all if you hope to kill me.
Hector: You're not getting away!
(Hector rushes toward Issac)
Julia: No! Let him go!
Hector: (sighs) So, I was taken in... You were in league with Isaac all along.
Julia: Think what you like. But I do wish for you to stop him. Honestly.
Hector: Then why did you keep me from him?
Julia: Because it is too soon. You still lack the strength and spirit to defeat him.
Hector: I know that my strength is still growing. But what do you mean by my spirit--
Julia: You must understand this! My brother is in the venomous grip of Lord Dracula's curse. The desires of a single man mean nothing. The curse rules him.
Hector: Then go with Belmont or one of his vampire slayers. Someone you can be sure of.
Julia: No, Hector. You must be the one to defeat him. My brother had always respected you. Only you can free him from the curse. And also... if you are the one to slay him... only then could I live with it.
Hector: I understand... Of course, he is your brother... Forgive me. I was vexed; I did not mean to offend. I will take my leave of you now... and I will do what I can...
(Hector walks away)

Julia: Be vigilant, Hector. I have an ill feeling. It bodes not well.


11. Curse of Darkness- Isaac 2

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Cordova Town (Town Square)
Background Music: Followers of Darkness -The Third-, The Siblings' Sad Destiny
When: After the First Isaac Boss Fight

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