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Doppel This page is about the Lords of Shadow villain. For the Symphony of the Night boss, see Olrox.

Commander Olrox
Japanese name
オーロックス Ōrokkusu
Vampire commander
Date of birth
Date of death

Blood sucking, teleportation
Japanese voice
Brauner (brother)

"My lady will be pleased after I bring her your head!"
—Olrox during his fight against Gabriel

Olrox appears in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as one of the vampire commanders serving under the Vampire Queen, Carmilla. Like his brother Brauner, he is a vampire of demonic origin rather than human, the two brothers having previously been demons lurking the depths of Hell before somehow being summoned to Earth by Carmilla and made into vampires. They rule from the Bernhard family castle.

49-hud boss elitevampb

Olrox fights Gabriel in single combat inside the Bernhard Castle in a last ditch effort to stop him from reaching Carmilla in the throne room. Despite being a very strong opponent (and despite feeding from the various Lycan corpses found in the room to regain his strength), he is eventually defeated by Gabriel, who slits Olrox's throat with his own sword and uses his spilt blood to solve the puzzle required to open the door leading out of the room.


Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Commander Olrox
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
LoS Gabriel versus Olrox Commander Olrox  - see also Olrox [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow
Another demon-spawned Vampire, he and his younger sibling were both inhuman before the Dark Lord found them and turned them. (...) Strong: Dagger x2, Fairy x3, Light Fairy
Weak: Explosive Dagger, Holy Water x2, Divine Shield, Crystal x2
Size: Big
Difficulty: High

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