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Comical Skeleton
Pachislot2-Comical Skeleton
Comical Skeleton dizzy after his dramatic entrance
Japanese name
Chibi Skeleton
Substitutes other bosses in the game

The Comical Skeleton[1] (or Chibi Skeleton) is a tiny skeleton that is randomly fought instead of other more formidable enemies in the Pachislot Akumajō Dracula series (I, II and III). The "battles" take place in front of a comedy backdrop. Trevor patiently puts up with the skeleton "beating" on his legs with zero strength for a few seconds, gets tired of it and then disposes of him efficiently.




  1. CHANNEL KPE: February 6, 2012 好きなのは、コミカルスケルトン! 仲間内では「チビスケルトン」とも呼ばれていますね (My favorite, Comical Skeleton! My coworker is also calling it "Chibi Skeleton")

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