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Comet Star is a Level 4 Fairy-Type Innocent Devil found in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. She resembles a young girl wearing an apparel more fitting for cold conditions and stylized with star designs. She carries a magic wand, also with a star on its top.


Comet Star is a well balanced Fairy-Type Innocent Devil, both offensively and defensively speaking. Her signature attack, Twinkle Shot, has her shooting bursts of stars at the enemy, dealing decent damage. This attack is random and doesn't have a cost in Hearts. Lullaby puts nearby enemies to sleep, although this attack is very rare and only works on enemies in the I.D.'s immediate vicinity. As with Twinkle Shot, the attack is random and costs 0 Hearts per cast. Heal Lv.4 restores 200 HP at a quite expensive cost of 50 Hearts. However, it is useful for escaping from tight situations or while fighting bosses.

Availability and evolutionEdit

31 - tn 44 comet star

Comet Star's I.D. Chart

The Comet Star fairy can be obtained by evolving a Hornet with either 90 Knuckle or 90 Special Evo Crystals. Since she's a Level 4 Devil, she cannot be evolved any further.


The following table represents the stat gain per level of the Comet Star.[1]

Comet Star
Statistic Per Level
Heart +2
Attack +2
Magic +1
Defense +0
Agility +0


Icon Ability Name Description Cost Notes
Twinkle Shot CoD Icon Twinkle Shot 0 Hearts Fires out bursts of stars at the enemy.
Lullaby 0 Hearts Puts enemies to sleep.
Heal Lv4 CoD Icon Heal Lv.4 50 Hearts Best normal "Heal" spell in the game.


  • Comet Star's overall design appears to be inspired by the Christmas holiday. Her clothing appears to be designed for cold and snowy conditions, the color of her hair is green, stars decorate her outfit, and she wears the characteristic Santa's hat, not to mention her own name, "Comet Star", and the name of her signature attack, "Twinkle Shot".

External linksEdit


  1. Innocent Devil & Evolution (by SyfaOmnis)

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