The Coffin is an enemy in the Castlevania series.


Coffins are boxes where the dead rest. Many Castlevania installments show Dracula's coffin in the background in the Castle Keep. Sometimes Dracula is shown to rise from it as a result of the hero making it to his chambers or after a successful resurrection by his minions.


Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley CastleEdit

Dracula himself is not present to face off against the hero in this parody game, but an empty coffin handles any intruders for him. It is shown to have legs and contains a trap when opened: a boxing glove on springs.

Coffin www2
Coffin りびング・かんおけ Ribingu Kanoke (Living Coffin)
9. Castlevania

Super Castlevania IVEdit

The Snapper Casket, as its name implies, awaits for prey to pass by and then starts giving chase while "snapping" its lid in an attempt to trap them inside it. It initially remains stationary and shakes violently every once in a while before turning hostile. This variant can only be damaged once it has commenced its attack, so the player actually has to walk past it in order to trigger it and be able to destroy it.

On the upper levels of the Halls, a gathering of possessed caskets can be found levitating and forming a spinning circle in order to hinder the player's progress. These can be struck and destroyed from a safe distance, however, making them just a minor setback.

Casket Casketjp
(NA / JPN)
Snapper Casket Maneating Casket 48 100 2 (normal), 3 (rolling)
6. The Halls, 9. The Treasury

Castlevania: Symphony of the NightEdit

Coffins are found inside of Save Rooms where Alucard (or any other playable character) is able to sleep and save game progress. A special purple coffin found in the Underground Caverns leads him to a nightmare world where he faces the Succubus.

The fight against Akmodan II in Death Wing's Lair starts with a solitary sarcophagus standing in the middle of the room from which the boss comes out.

Castlevania (N64) / Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessEdit

Some coffins conceal hidden paths in Dracula's domain. A coffin found at the end of the Villa will lead the player to many different areas depending on the hour of day it is entered at.

Castlevania: Circle of the MoonEdit

In the Catacombs, levitating coffins can cause damage when the lid is forced open by the Mummy inside. An endless stream of mummies may come out of them if not destroyed.

Coffin コフィン 100 3
ATK DEF Location
100 35 Catacomb
Common Drop Rare Drop
Cotton Clothes (3%) Heart (0.75%)
Resistance Earth


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