Dialogue Data: Clock Tower (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
AoS-Soma DialogueSoma Cruz

AoS-Graham DialogueGraham Jones

Second Encounter with Graham
Graham Jones: So we meet again! I'm glad to see you're unscathed.

Soma Cruz: Good to see you, too. Uh... I've got something I want to ask you.
Graham Jones: Sure, go ahead.
Soma Cruz: Someone told me that YOU are to inherit Dracula's powers...
Graham Jones: I take it that lady from the church told you that, didn't she?
Soma Cruz: It's not true, is it?
Graham Jones: The term 'inherit' is incorrect.
Soma Cruz: It's true then!
Graham Jones: I was born on the very day that Dracula was destroyed... So, in short, that means that I AM Dracula!
Soma Cruz: That can't be right!? You've been so kind and friendly to me!
Graham Jones: That is because I don't consider you a threat to my mission. But that being said, you have made it this far... I sense a power within you. Do tell me... what kind of power has awoken within you?
Soma Cruz: ......... The power to rule...
Graham Jones: WHAT!? You foolish boy! That's impossible!
Soma Cruz: Huh?
Graham Jones: I can't remain here any longer. I must get to the throne! Your name is Soma, right? You are wrong, Soma! I will not allow you to rule!!!
(Graham lefts in run)

Soma Cruz: Jeez. What was that all about?

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 2503:26

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 25

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: Clock Tower
When: Second Encounter with Graham
AoS-Soma DialogueSoma Cruz

AoS-Yoko DialogueYoko Belnades

Second Encounter with Yoko
Yoko Belnades: Hello, Soma.

Soma Cruz: Hey, Yoko. I just ran into Graham.
Yoko Belnades: REALLY? Which way did he go?
Soma Cruz: He was in a rush to get to the throne...
Yoko Belnades: Just as I thought. There is something important in the Throne Room.
Soma Cruz: I'm sorry, Yoko.
Yoko Belnades: Wha...what's wrong with you all of a sudden?
Soma Cruz: He's not who I thought he was. He was kind to me only because he thought I was powerless.
Yoko Belnades: I see...
Soma Cruz: But his attitude changed suddenly when I told him about my power.
Yoko Belnades: Well, in his mind, he thinks everything in this castle is his...
Soma Cruz: So that's the reason?
Yoko Belnades: But it's better this way.
Soma Cruz: What is?
Yoko Belnades: The fact that he sees you as an enemy now means you're my comrade.
Soma Cruz: Does it?
Yoko Belnades: What? You don't want to be on my side?
Soma Cruz: No, that's not what I meant...
Yoko Belnades: Ha ha ha. It's so much fun to tease you. But this is not the time to be fooling around. Your presence here has thrown Graham into a panic. This is our chance.
Soma Cruz: What sort of chance?
Yoko Belnades: Using his cunning mind, he's been able to evade us up until now. I don't think anyone has ever seen him panic before.
Soma Cruz: I get it. Circumstances right now are making act this way...
Yoko Belnades: That's exactly right. This is an excellent opportunity to trap him. Well, I must be on my way. See you.

(Yoko leaves)

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 2604:39

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 26

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: Clock Tower
When: Second Encounter with Yoko

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