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Christopher Bee
Gamebook Dracula
Japanese Name
クリストファー・ビー Kurisutofā Bī
(Christopher Bee)
Date of Death

Simon Belmont and Lucy Lane (coactor)

Christopher Bee is a supporting character of the 1987 Futabasha gamebook The Devil Castle Dracula: The Battle of Old Castle. He was slated to portray Dracula in a film that documented his battle with Simon Belmont. However, he and the entire cast of the movie, with the exception of Simon Belmont, who portrays his ancestor Simon Belmont, and Lucy Lane, who portrays Simon's girlfriend Mina, are killed during the film's production.

He is killed, and meets Simon again as a zombie.



  • The name is a parodied version of Christopher Lee, the actor who portrayed Dracula for many times.
  • The name is first seen in the ending roll of the 1986 game Castlevania along with other names parody on various people related to Dracula or monster films.


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