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Church Artwork

Chapels (including Cathedrals, Monasteries, Temples and Churches) are common areas within the Castlevania series. The nature of chapels varies, but almost always they are a part of Dracula's Castle. Who and what is worshiped in these areas is debatable, considering that Dracula has renounced God and there's no mention of Satan within the main continuity.


While Dracula's Castle is usually filled with monsters that have an affinity to darkness, enemies within chapels are weak to it, and strong to the Holy attribute. Here, it's common to encounter enemies such as the Amalaric Sniper. Ghostly enemies are also common within these areas, such as Ghost Dancers and Giant Ghosts.


Chapels are usually found in towers. Like clock towers, chapels usually link to the Castle Keep.

The most common feature of chapel areas are stained-glass windows, which are featured in nearly every appearance of a chapel in the series. In addition, chapels may also feature massive bells, which players can often stand on top of to play a tune, and in late games, jump inside of to collect the Bell item.

Other features typical of chapels are large stairways and long vertical towers.


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