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Dialogue Data: Chaotic Realm (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
AoS-Soma Dialogue 2Soma Cruz

AoS-Mina DialogueMina Hakuba AoS-Hammer DialogueHammer AoS-Yoko DialogueYoko Belnades AoS-J DialogueJulius Belmont AoS-Arikado DialogueGenya Arikado

Final Battle
Soma Cruz: I'm finally here... I wonder if I can do this alone...

Mina Hakuba: You're not alone.
Soma Cruz: Wha...what?
Mina Hakuba: Everyone remaining in the castle combined their powers to contact you.
Soma Cruz: Does that mean they all know... that I'm Dracula?
Mina Hakuba: Yes... Arikado told us everything...
Soma Cruz: I bet they're all afraid of me...
Mina Hakuba: No, not at all! At first, we were shocked. But everyone believes you'll get through this. I'm going to send you a message from them now. Listen...
Hammer: You'll visit my shop again, won't ya? I'll be waitin' for ya.
Yoko Belnades: Good morning, Soma. I just heard about what happened to you... I told you this before... You are who you are, and you mustn't let him win.
Julius Belmont: To the man who beat me... don't disappoint me now.
Genya Arikado: This is your last chance, and ours as well. I'm counting on you...
Soma Cruz: They're all... rooting for me...
Mina Hakuba: ... You can do it... because I believe in you.

Soma Cruz: Mina... Alright, here I go!

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 51 Chaos07:14

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 51 Chaos

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: Chaotic Realm
When: Final battle with Chaos

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