Curse of Darkness - Chair Room - 01

Hector enters the Chair Room

The Chair Room is a special room in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It is located in Cordova Town, near the suburbs Teleport Room. This room contains a copy of every chair that Hector has sat upon throughout the course of the game.

Most chairs are often found in Hector's path and are generally easily noticeable by the player, but other times they may be found on secret places in a map; finding these chairs generally require a certain Innocent Devil's ability to reach them. Being able to sit on all of the chairs in the game also unlocks a secret chair which contains a "Complete!!" sign in the middle of the room. Descriptions for all chairs are also available in this room, including those which were absent when they were found on the field.

Chair Room Cordova Map

The Chair Room's location in Cordova Town (Marker Mode)

An arcade-themed music plays upon entering this room, complete with carton figures flying across the sky which can be shot using the Gunnery Seat. This mini-game is only for amusement, though, and nothing can be gained for shooting the flying targets.

Stone pillars with skeleton heads also decorate the corners of this room; and lastly, the sky can also change in color depending on how long the player stays inside.


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