A Chain Whip is a whip made of chains. In most games, it is the middle form of the Vampire Killer (whip) can take. It is usually evolved from a Leather Whip after obtaining a Morning Star or Crystal (power-up) power-up. It is usually longer and stronger than the Leather Whip. It can often be further powered up into a Morning Star (which has a spiked club at the end of it) or a Fireball Whip (which can launch fire balls).

Castlevania II: Simon's QuestEdit

The Chain Whip in Castlevania: Simon's Quest is a weapon upgrade that is one level higher than the Thorn Whip. It is sold for the price of 150 hearts. It retains the same length and deals out much more damage. The player does not need to have the Thorn Whip in order to upgrade to the Chain Whip, and can purchase one even if he has a stronger weapon. Simon can later purchase an upgraded Morning Star.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Chain Whip
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Short Chain Icon Short Chain (Chain) - Castlevania [ edit ]
' Simon Belmont  Create: Magic Whip + Morning Star (power-up)
The Chain Whip Icon The Chain Whip - Simon's Quest [ edit ]
The Chain Whip is stronger than the Thorn Whip. Simon Belmont 
Chain Whip (jpn) - Dracula's Curse [ edit ]
' Main Weapon (Whip)
Trevor Belmont 
Power One Whip - Adventure [ edit ]
Locate 1 Crystal and your whip will lengthen, strengthen, and become an all-around super weapon against the super freaks. Whip
Christopher Belmont 
Short Chain SC4 Icon Short Chain - Super Castlevania IV [ edit ]
' Whip
Simon Belmont 
Create: Mystical Whip + Morning Star
Evolve: Longer Chain (after obtaining a Morning Star)
Gb3-whip2 Power One Whip - Legends [ edit ]
When you increase one level, the length of the whip increases 1.5 times, doubling your attacking power. Weapon (Whip)
Create: Normal Whip + Crystal
Evolve: + Crystal > Power Two Whip

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