Often used by devoted cultists or followers of Dracula, such as the dark priest Shaft or Camilla, the Ceremonial Room plays an important role in reviving Count Dracula (usually from an early slumber) by gathering dark energy for the castle to harness in his revival. Rituals often require tribute and sacrifice, usually that of an innocent, such as a young virgin woman.

The area is usually adorned with candles, cloaks and sometimes even a black cross. An interesting concept as its value to vampires is noteworthy, the castle most likely uses ceremonial rooms to gather negative energy and store it within an area called the Chaotic Realm, for which the castle has a portal that connects it to this world. This plane seems to accumulate massive quantities of dark energy which even distorts time and space. However, this is only speculation as the process of dark power accumulation is never fully explained in detail and only hints and suggestions are given.


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