Cave Troll
Cave Troll
Japanese name
Appears in Lords of Shadow
Location Chapters 2, 4, 9
Health Points
Experience Points
Skill Points
Tolerances Dagger, Holy Water x2
Weaknesses Explosive Dagger, Fairy, Crystal x3
For the original timeline enemy, see Cave Troll.

The Cave Troll is an enemy in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It should not be confused with the Cave Trolls from the original series. Cave Trolls and trolls in general have an original mythology tied into the LOS universe.


6-hud boss trollbig

Trolls are a dying species living mostly in mountainous areas. They are aggressive and territorial. This can sometimes result in attacks on humans who are foolish enough to encroach on the Troll's natural habitat. However, Cave Trolls are usually passive around there own kind and rarely attack each other, though they will often kill to protect their kindred. Men say that when Trolls die of old age they turn to stone and this can be clearly seen in certain rock formations if one looks closely enough. Trolls can use their mighty blows to smash heavy obstacles

The great Trolls are biologically related to the Small Trolls. The large subspecies are fairly aggressive. The Swamp Trolls are a rare subspecies of the larger Cave Troll. The Cave Trolls live on dry land, while Swamp trolls live in wet areas.

Gabriel encounters Cave Trolls at the Waterfalls of Agharta on his way to the Land of the Lycans. He was able to tame them and ride them in order to break down barriers. He also encounters some that were captured by the Vampires in Vampire Castle to feed on when humans became scarce.


Cave Trolls fight similarly to the Swamp Troll, but often fight alongside many Small Trolls. They can hit hard, but move rather slowly. After a few swings they may pound the ground. The best way to fight them is keep distance, occasionally rolling behind them to hit them in the back. Slow and steady widdling down there health is the best way to defeat them. Once they take enough damage they glow, and can be grabbed to start a timed event. If successful Gabriel will mount the beast, and can use it to defeat other enemies or break down barriers.

Ride TrollEdit

Can perform melee attacks and ground pounds. Their attacks can break obstacles such as boulders and doors.

Waterfalls of Agharta TrialEdit

Finish the the level after killing 24 Small Trolls while riding on the back of a big one.

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