This album is a remix album from Konami to celebrate 25 years of Castlevania, released on January 13th, 2011. It contains music from the series, arranged by Azusa Chiba, AKANE, Soyo Oka, Masato Kouda, Hiroki Kikuta, Maki Kirioka, Manami Kiyota, Kumi Tanioka, Hideki Sakamoto, Eriko Imura, Yoshino Aoki, Masashi Hamauzu and kukui.


  1. THE SINKING OLD SANCTUARY ~Vampire Killer (Mega Drive)~
  2. Lost Painting ~Gekka no Nocturne (PlayStation®)~
  3. REQUIEM FOR THE NAMELESS VICTIM ~Vampire Killer (Mega Drive)~
  4. Union ~Dracula Densetsu II (Game Boy)~
  5. Ending Theme ~Akumajo Dracula (Super Famicom)~
  6. Garibaldi's Courtyard ~Yami no Juin (PlayStation® 2)~
  7. Requiem of the Gods ~Gekka no Nocturne (PlayStation®)~
  8. Concert Hall without Applause ~Castlevania (PlayStation® 2)~
  9. An Empty Tome ~Akumajo Dracula: Ubawareta Kokuin (Nintendo DS)~
  10. After the Battle ~Blue Recollection~ ~Sougetsu no Juujika (Nintendo DS)~
  11. Requiem of a Starlit Night ~Akumajo Dracula: Ubawareta Kokuin (Nintendo DS)~
  12. Finale ~Deep Translucent Moonlit Night~ ~Sougetsu no Juujika (Nintendo DS)~
  13. Nocturne ~Gekka no Nocturne (PlayStation®)~

More informationEdit

  1. Arranged by Azusa Chiba (千葉梓)
  2. Arranged by 茜~AKANE~
  3. Arranged by Soyo Oka (岡素世)
  4. Arranged by Masato Kouda (甲田雅人)
  5. Arranged by Hiroki Kikuta (菊田裕樹)
  6. Arranged by Maki Kirioka (桐岡麻季), Vocals by Yuu Tokiwa
  7. Arranged by Manami Kiyota (清田愛未)
  8. Arranged by Kumi Tanioka (谷岡久美)
  9. Arranged by Hideki Sakamoto (坂本英城)
  10. Arranged by Eriko Imura (井村絵里子)
  11. Arranged by Yoshino Aoki (青木佳乃)
  12. Arranged by Masashi Hamauzu (浜渦正志)
  13. Arranged by kukui (Haruka Shimotsuki & myu)

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