Castlevania Chronicles Original Soundtrack
Japanese name
Castlevania Chronicle Akumajō Dracula Original Soundtrack
Release date(s)
May 23, 2001
Catalog number(s)
3500 JPY
Game(s) covered
Number of discs
Number of tracks
Disc one: 40
Disc two: 42
Total length
Disc one: 75:11
Disc two: 77:32
VGMdb link
External link(s)

Castlevania Chronicles Original Soundtrack contains four different versions of the same soundtrack: the two first on Disc 1 are Castlevania Chroniclesʼs PlayStation and Sharp X68000 soundtracks; on Disc 2, they're Roland CM-64 and SC-55 versions plus two bonus tracks. The music was composed by Konami Kukeiha Club and was released on May 23, 2001.

Track listEdit

Note: This soundtracks contains two CDs. However, their track lists are exactly the same, except for the two bonus tracks on disc 2.

Disc 1Edit

  1. Black Mass: Opening
  2. Something Loopy: Name Entry
  3. The Bathead: Start Demo
  4. Vampire Killer: Stage 1
  5. Creatures In The Depth: Boss
  6. Stage Clear
  7. Thrashard In The Cave: Stage 2
  8. Wicked Child: Stage 3
  9. Bloody Tears: Stage 4
  10. The Tower Of Gears: Stage 5
  11. Moon Fight: Stage 6-1
  12. The Tower Of Dolls: Stage 6-2
  13. Etude For The Killer: Stage 7
  14. Simon's Theme: Stage 8
  15. You Goddamned Bathead: Last Boss
  16. Last Stage Clear
  17. Mother Earth: Ending
  18. Game Over
  19. Player Miss
  20. Ending Movie

Tracks 21~39 are the same than tracks 01~19.

40. Load BGM

Disc 2Edit

Disc 2's tracks are the same than on disc 1, except for the two following bonus tracks.

41. Bloody Tears RMX
42. Dracula ~Medley~

Additional informationEdit

Disc 1Edit

  • Tracks 01~20: PlayStation arrange version. Arranged by Sota Fujimori.
  • Tracks 21~40: original Sharp X68000 sound version.

Disc 2Edit

  • Tracks 01~20: Roland:CM-64 version.
  • Tracks 21~40: Roland:SC-55 version.
  • Tracks 41~42: Bonus Tracks.

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