Block 4 for the game Castlevania.


Simon ends up in this stage after a really long fall down an abyss. He has to cross waters using the floating platforms, while bats and fishmen will come at him. The cave ceiling will obstruct process, which dips low in some areas, requiring to duck in order not to get knocked off the platform. After ascending from the caves to an outside part of the castle, eagles dropping hunchbacks will attack. A skele-dragon is the last obstacle before the boss of the stage.

Enemy DataEdit

Name Image HP EXP ATK
Fishman cv1 1 300 2/4
Vampire Bat
Vambat cv1 1 200 2
Skeledragon 6 1000 4
Eagle 1 300 4
Frankenstein & Igor
Frankcv1 12 5000 4


The background music that plays during the first stage is "Walking on the Edge".

Other AppearancesEdit

Castlevania: Harmony of DespairEdit

The first stage of Castlevania appears in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair as part of the downloadable chapter Origins. The map of this chapter is based on the six stages from the original game.

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