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Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Original Soundtrack
Por ost
Japanese name
Akumajō Dracula Gallery of Labyrinth Original Soundtrack
Release date(s)
Mar 23rd, 2007
Catalog number(s)
2625 JPY
Number of discs
Number of tracks
Disc one: 37
Disc two: 37
Total length
Disc one: 75:07
Disc two: 74:50
VGMdb link

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack contains two CDs with the same track list, but disc 1 covers the game's DS arrangements soundtrack and disc 2 is a composer original album. The music was composed by Michiru Yamane and Yuzo Koshiro. Arrangements of disc 1 were done by Norikazu Miura. The soundtrack was released on March 23rd, 2007.

Track listEdit

Even though the soundtrack contains two CDs, their track lists are the same. Disc 1 has the tracks heard on the DS, while Disc 2 has the original compositions.

  1. ~Gallery of Labyrinth~
  2. Name Entry
  3. Birth of War
  4. Invitation of a Crazed Moon
  5. The Looming Threat
  6. Operation "VK"
  7. A Small Prayer
  8. Victorian Fear
  9. Piercing Silence
  10. Silent Prison
  11. Jail of Jewel
  12. Destroyer
  13. Hail from the Past
  14. Chaotic Play Ground
  15. The Gears Go Awry
  16. Dance of Sadness
  17. Meeting of Destiny
  18. The Hidden Curse
  19. Gaze Up at the Darkness
  20. Faraway Days
  21. Bloodlines Bequeathed
  22. Bad Situation
  23. Great Gate of Darkness
  24. Sandfall
  25. In Search of the Secret Spell
  26. Crucifix Held Close
  27. Behind the Gaze
  28. Iron Blue Intention
  29. Esquisse of Violence
  30. Thirst for Blood
  31. Overture
  32. Banquet of Madness
  33. Awaken from the Nightmare
  34. The Night Flows
  35. Portrait of Destiny
  36. Game Over
  37. Theme of Simon Belmont / Theme of Simon Belmont -2007- (Disc2)

Additional informationEdit

Character galleryEdit

From the promo poster that came with the soundtrack:

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