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Castlevania: Order of Shadows
Order of Shadows
Japanese Name
N/A (not released)
Mobile Phones (Alltel Wireless, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless)
Release Date(s)
September 18, 2007 (NA only)
Direct download
Not rated
Victor Rodriguez
Tyrone Rodriguez
Vincent Diamante
Action adventure
Single player

Castlevania: Order of Shadows is an original mobile phone game released on September 18, 2007. It tells the story of the Belmont Clan's battle with The Order, the cult who has been responsible for resurrecting Dracula.


The story takes place during the late 1600s. Desmond Belmont wields the Vampire Killer whip and tries to stop The Order, an mysterious cult planning to resurrect Dracula.

Order of Shadows is considered a side story to IGA's "Castlevania canon".[1]


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Order of Shadows contain many platforming puzzles like the Metroidvania style

Order of Shadows feature a 2D whipping action quite similar to the Metroidvania style of gameplay. Desmond has the whip as the main weapon with other unlockable whips and sub-weapons available throughout the game. He can also level-up by earning experience points. Several boss battles are also present, such as the ones with Medusa and Dracula.

Unlockable factors
  • Once the normal mode is completed, "HARD MODE" and "CLASSIC MUSIC" will available in the selection screen.

Nostalgic Appearance Edit

BGM listEdit

The music for Castlevania: Order of Shadows was composed by Vincent Diamante.

  1. Resting Again (Intro story)
  2. Title (Title screen)
  3. Order of Shadows (Stage 1 intermission)
  4. Daring Assault (Stage 1 the Mansion)
  5. The Encounter (Boss theme)
  6. Stage Clear
  7. Bloody Tears (Stage 2 Bat's Belfry - low road)
  8. Dancing the Stairs Away (Stage 2 Bat's Belfry - high road)
  9. Final Steps (Stage 2 intermission)
  10. Grounded Search (Stage 3 the Cave)
  11. Covering (Stage 4 Inner Sanctum)
  12. Headbutt (Rohan Krause fight)
  13. Trickle Flow (Rohan Krause defeated)
  14. Blood Fugue (Stage 5 Dracula's Keep)
  15. Not Where You Think (Dracula demo)
  16. Boring Heroes Life (Dracula fight)
  17. Resting Again (Reprise) (Dracula defeated)
  18. Blood Fugue (Reprise) (Ending)
  19. Approach (Credits)
  20. Player Dies
  21. Game Over

The game also contains every music from the original NES game Castlevania as bonus and alternative tracks.

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Related Games Edit

A cell phone port of the original Castlevania ported by the same team that created this one.
Though it takes place long after Lament of Innocence, Order of Shadows is heavily connected to the PlayStation 2 game.
Also, Rinaldo Gandolfi, the ancestor of Giovanni, first appeared in Lament of Innocence.

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