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A cell phone version of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow exculsively released only in Europe in 2008, produced by Glu. It is essentially a scaled-down version of the original Game Boy Advance title.

Character GalleryEdit

See also Aria of Sorrow Mobile Artwork.

Confirmed ElementsEdit

Confirmed Enemies: Zombie, Bat, Zombie Officer, Giant Ghost, Bomber Armor, Medusa Head, Skeleton Knight, Golem, Skull Archer, Gargoyle, Succubus, Basilisk, Creaking Skull, Minotaur, Manticore, Skeleton, Peeping Eye, Killer Doll, Zombie Soldier, Nightmare, Triton, Bone Pillar, Tiny Devil, Blue Crow, Needles, Werewolf

Confirmed Items: Cloth Tunic, Iron Plate, Armor of Water

Confirmed Weapons: Knife, Baselard, Short Sword, Ascalon, Yasutsuna

Confirmed Accessories: Rune Ring, Gold Ring, Heart Pendant, Pendant, Crimson Cloak, Cape, Tear of Blood

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External VideosEdit

Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow (mobile) - 0101:10

Castlevania Aria Of Sorrow (mobile) - 01

Preview of the cell phone game (in German)

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