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Old Man's Cottage
(The screen fades in to see Leon running through the woods at top speed, when he suddenly crashes through a "barrier" of some sort with a flash of light. Leon slows down and looks round)

Leon: (confused) What just happened? I felt something strange.
Old Man: Ah, he must really like you. You won't be able to leave now.
Leon: Who's there?!
Old Man: Now, don't get so excited... I'm just an old man. I just came to gawk at the man crazy enough to come here.
Leon: You don't seem like a monster.
Old Man: (laughs) Of course not. What is your name?
Leon: Leon.
Old Man: Leon... You're not... Baron Leon Belmont?
Leon: Just Leon Belmont. I have given up my title. And you, old man?
Old Man: Pardon me, Lord Belmont. My name is... Rinaldo Gandolfi.
Leon: You can call me Leon. And I will call you Rinaldo. Don't call me "Lord." We're equals now.
Rinaldo: As you wish. Now, please follow me to my cottage. I want to talk to you.
(Leon moves with Rinaldo to his cottage)

(At Rinaldo's Cottage)
Rinaldo: Wait here a moment. There's something I want to give you.
Leon: Rinaldo, can I ask you something?
Rinaldo: What is it?
Leon: Why are you living in a place like this?
Rinaldo: I have unfinished business with Walter Bernhard, the master of this forest.
Leon: Unfinished business?
Rinaldo: Not worth mentioning. I owe him...
Leon: Well, I won't ask any more. But... you're not in danger, living so close to him?
Rinaldo: It seems eternal life is extremely boring. He enjoys playing at cat and mouse with the hunters that come here, though, of course, there is no way that he could ever lose... He thinks that my helping hunters makes the game more fun.
Leon: I see... But what do you mean by there being no way he could lose?
Rinaldo: Vampires are loved by the night, and this forest is locked in eternal darkness. He has never been defeated.
Leon: Well, that may be so, but I must go ahead and face him.
Rinaldo: Did he take someone precious?
Leon: Yes, he abducted my betrothed... How did you know that?
Rinaldo: It's what he always does when he starts the game. You came unarmed. Your courage astonishes me.
Leon: I do have a weapon, just not my sword. That belongs to the Company, and I left it behind when I gave up my title.
Rinaldo: (scoffs) Honest to a fault.
Leon: I heard that many hunters have met their end here. If that's the case, getting weapons shouldn't be hard.
(Rinaldo hands Leon a whip)
Rinaldo: Take this with you. It will help you against monsters.
(Leon holds the whip)
Leon: What is this?
Rinaldo: A whip made with alchemy. It's stronger than any dead man's discarded sword.
Leon: Alchemy? I'm not familiar with that word.
Rinaldo: Not surprising. The field experiments with the principles of God's creation of the world. The only person who truly understands it is Mathias.
Leon: You know Lord Cronqvist?
Rinaldo: I have known him longer than you have. His family has a book of secret arts, originally handed down orally.
Leon: Secret arts? I never knew...
Rinaldo: Of course not. Only a handful of people in this world know about it. There are some who consider alchemy to be heresy.
Leon: I see...
Rinaldo: Are you one of them?
Leon: No... If you are an acquaintance of Mathias, you are trustworthy. I will use this whip with gratitude.
Rinaldo: Put your left hand out.
Leon: My left hand...? Like this?
Rinaldo: Don't move now.
(Rinaldo enchants Leon's gauntlet)
Rinaldo: That should do it. You can put it down now.
(Leon looks at his hand)
Leon: What was that?
Rinaldo: The gauntlet is enchanted now.
Leon: A spell?
Rinaldo: Some enemies' attacks release a special power. If you block them with the gauntlet, you can gather that power.
Leon: What can I do with the gathered power?
Rinaldo: You will be able to use magical relics by releasing that power.
Leon: Magical relics?
Rinaldo: Right. Those who excel in magic can use them, I have cast the spell so that you can use them as well. I have some; you should be able to obtain them in the castle as well.
Leon: I understand.
Rinaldo: Right now, this is all I can do for you.

(Before leaving Rinaldo's Cottage)
Leon: Rinaldo, thank you.
Rinaldo: Wait a minute. I forgot to tell you something. The door leading to his throne is guarded by five monsters.
Leon: So I will need to defeat them first.
Rinaldo: That's right. That's essentially the test you must pass to fight him.
Leon: (sighs) What a bothersome--
Rinaldo: I told you before. To him, this is a game.
Leon: I realize that, but...
Rinaldo: If you have troubles, come back here anytime. They won't be free, but I'll keep potions on hand for you.
Leon: Thank you. I appreciate it.

(Leon leaves)


2. Lament of Innocence- intro

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Forest of Eternal Night
When: First Encounter with Rinaldo in Eternal Night
Cloi-leon-belmont3Leon Promise to Sara
Leon: Sara, wait for me. I'm coming to save you.


3. Lament of Innocence- Castle

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Castle Entrance
When: Before Entering the Castle


First Back at Rinaldo's Cottage
(The door knocks)

Rinaldo: Ah, you did well to come back.
Leon: Rinaldo, please tell me...
Rinaldo: What is it?
Leon: About your daughter...
Rinaldo: (seriously) I don't know what you heard, but you don't need to know any more.
Leon: Rinaldo, you have helped me so much. The least I can do for you is listen to your story and support you in your suffering.
Rinaldo: Needless meddling... (sighs) Very well, I'll tell you. It was five years ago... A cold night with a full moon. I returned home from picking herbs necessary for the secret arts and what greeted me was a sea of steaming blood. And at the center of it were the bodies of my wife and son... I could not believe my eyes... My daughter was there, laughing, blood dripping from her mouth...
Leon: She was turned into a vampire?
Rinaldo: That's right... By Walter... My daughter went out a window without even looking at me. When I recovered, I built the whip with alchemy. Then, (angrily) I searched for her...
Leon: I see. I've heard enough!
(Rinaldo looks downward)
Leon: So this is what you meant when you said you owed him...
Rinaldo: I challenged Walter, but nothing came of it. That is why I live here and help those who wish to fight him.
Leon: I never would have guessed...
Rinaldo: (angrily) Forget everything I just said. Think only of yourself now. He's not an opponent that you can beat while distracted.
Leon: No, you're wrong.
Rinaldo: What do you mean?
Leon: The force of your grief can only make me stronger. Thank you... I am grateful...

Rinaldo: Do as you will.


6. Lament of Innocence- Rinaldo's story

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Forest of Eternal Night
When: After defeating Succubus


Second Back at Rinaldo's Cottage
Leon: Rinaldo...

Rinaldo: I'm glad you're back. What's the matter? You have an odd look on your face...
Leon: Well, about this whip...
Rinaldo: Were there problems with it?
Leon: No, that isn't it. I heard something about it gaining its complete form.
Rinaldo: Oh, that. It's true; the whip is not yet complete.
Leon: But it has become more powerful than before...
Rinaldo: That is because of you. I hate to say it, but it seems it fits you better than me.
Leon: Is there a way to complete it?
Rinaldo: It's better for you not to think about that. It's impossible by any normal means...
Leon: But...
Rinaldo: (angrily) Do not think about it! There are other things you must take care of right now.

Leon: (sighs) All right.


9. Lament of Innocence- The Alchemy whip

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Forest of Eternal Night
When: After defeating Medusa


Third Back at Rinaldo's Cottage
Leon: I have a question, Rinaldo.

Rinaldo: Don't you always? Ask away.
Leon: The Ebony and Crimson Stones--
Rinaldo: What about them?
Leon: You knew about them? Why didn't you tell me?
Rinaldo: How would that have changed anything? The night still wouldn't have ended.
Leon: True, but...
Rinaldo: Well, I would have told you. I shall tell you now.
Leon: Please.
Rinaldo: Have you ever heard of the Philosopher's Stone?
Leon: No, I haven't.
Rinaldo: Making the Philosopher's Stone is the ultimate goal of alchemy... It provides eternal youth. The two other stones were apparently created accidentally. No details of how they were made remain now.
Leon: I see... I know about the Ebony Stone. What kind of power does the Crimson Stone have?
Rinaldo: I don't know the details. It turns the souls of vampires into power for its master. These two stones are the vampires' greatest treasures.
Leon: Wouldn't the Crimson Stone work for humans as well?
Rinaldo: If all it gave you was power, that might be so...
Leon: What do you mean?
Rinaldo: I've heard that it bears the curse of the vampires as well.
Leon: I see... So humanity would be lost.
Rinaldo: There are no greater treasures for those who become vampires.
Leon: And Walter has the Ebony Stone in his possession?
Rinaldo: That seems to be the case. It was supposedly lost along with the Crimson Stone.
Leon: But if the Ebony Stone reappeared, then the Crimson Stone...

Rinaldo: may also have resurfaced... I pray that it is not here.


12. Lament of Innocence- Alchemy Stones

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Forest of Eternal Night
When: After defeating Joachim

Cloi-sara-trantoul2Sara Cloi-walter-bernhard2Walter Cloi-rinaldo-gandolfi2Rinaldo

First Encounter with Walter
Man: Welcome to my castle. Pleased to meet you. I am the master of the castle, Walter Bernhard.

Leon: (pointing at Walter) Give back Sara!!
Walter: Do not rush. Your lady is here.
Leon: Sara!! Why? Why won't she answer?
Walter: It seems the lady is tired. Hmm, it seems you are, too.
(Walter's eyes turn red)
Walter: Rest a while...
Leon: What?!
(Leon struggles, swings the whip to Walter, but fails)
Walter: Well... That whip is Rinaldo's, is it?
Leon: It can't be! My attack doesn't work...
Walter: I see. It's just as that knight said. Very well. You've made it this far. I'll return her as a reward.
Leon: Sara!
Walter: I'll be in the throne room on the highest floor. I look forward to you making it there alive.
(Walter walks away as he laughs evilly)

(Leon checks Sara if she's all right and finally she wakes up)
Sara: Leon... Leon, is that you?
Leon: You're awake! Thank goodness... A friend is waiting for us. Let's go see him first.

(Near Rinaldo's Cottage, Leon rushes Sara)
Leon: Sara, this way.
(Sara follows Leon, but she falls suddenly)
Leon: Sara!! What's the matter?!
Rinaldo: What's all this racket?
Leon: Rinaldo! Sara suddenly...!
Rinaldo: On, no! You go on inside.
Leon: But...
Rinaldo: There is nothing you can do. Wait quietly inside.
Leon: All right... Please take care of Sara.

(At Rinaldo's Cottage, Leon worries about Sara's state, going here and there)
Leon: How is Sara doing?!
Rinaldo: She's sleeping in the back.
Leon: (sigh of relief) What in the world happened?
Rinaldo: The barrier around this house... It responded.
Leon: (scarily) What are you saying? That's... That's not possible.
Rinaldo: There's no use hiding it, so I will tell you plainly. That girl has been tainted by the vampire.
Leon: (angrily) You're lying! That can't be!
Rinaldo: Why would I lie to you? You must accept the truth!
Leon: Please, tell me you're lying.
Rinaldo: She is not a vampire yet, to be precise. She won't even be aware of it... But as time passes, she will gradually lose her humanity. Like my daughter...
Leon: Is there anything I can do?
Rinaldo: The only thing would be to defeat Walter immediately.
Leon: Tell me, is this whip effective against him?
Rinaldo: Why do you ask?
Leon: I tried to strike him with it, but it didn't seem to work.
Rinaldo: It is as I thought, then... it didn't even work for you...
Leon: Isn't there another way?
Rinaldo: Well, there is, but...
Leon: Tell me! I'll do anything!
Rinaldo: Then let me ask you this. Can you kill that girl?
Leon: (shocked) What are you saying...?
Rinaldo: If you make the whip complete, you can destroy him. But in order to do that, you need a tainted soul-- One that trusts you and one that you can trust...
Leon: I abandoned everything in order to save Sara! I could... I could never do such a thing.
Rinaldo: Even knowing she's not human, it's a difficult thing to do. I'm not surprised.
Leon: Is she really... Is Sara really...
Rinaldo: There's no doubt about it. I confirmed the bite mark. The fact that the barrier responded is proof above all else.
(Suddenly, the door knocks)
Leon: Sara?!

Rinaldo: Did she overhear us just now?!


13. Lament of Innocence- Sara's Wish Part 1

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Pagoda of the Misty Moon - Forest of Eternal Night
Background Music: Castle Keep Entrance - Despair
When: First Encounter with Walter

Cloi-sara-trantoul2Sara Cloi-rinaldo-gandolfi2Rinaldo

Sara's Wish
(Outside of Rinaldo's Cottage)

Leon: Sara!
Sara: Please stay away!
Leon: Sara, calm down. Did you... Did you hear us talking? It's okay. Please trust me. I will save you, I will, you'll see.
Sara: I appreciate how you feel... But I... I have no time left.
Leon: No time...?
Sara: I can feel it. My heartbeat is weakening and my blood is growing cold... I can feel myself changing into something inhuman... If my soul can save others, then I won't die in vain. I do not want anyone else to suffer my fate.
Leon: Why...
Sara: Please. If you still love me, please grant me my final wish.
Leon: I cannot...
Rinaldo: You dishonor yourself, Leon. How do you think Sara feels...?!
Leon: I know, Rinaldo! I do know, but...
(Sara attempts to sacrifice herself)
Rinaldo: Leon... All that is needed now is your resolve.
Sara: Leon... I will be with you...
(Leon hesitates, but he seems to be decided)
Leon: Rinaldo. What must I do?
Rinaldo: So, you've decided. You must enter into a blood covenant with Sara's soul. Focus your spirit on Sara.
(Leon agrees, as Rinaldo enchants spells)
Rinaldo: All become one in infinity. The tainted soul joins his. Undesired and cursed soul, His blood accepts your hatred. For the power to slay your kind.
(Rinaldo finishes the enchanting)
Rinaldo: Now! Use the whip against Sara!
Leon: I swear to you! No more will suffer your fate!
(Leon swings the whip to Sara)
Sara: (gasps) Thank you, Leon...
(The whip glows)
Leon: Sara...
(Leon falls to his knees)
Leon: Saraaaaaaa!

(After burying Sara in a grave, Leon mourns her)
Rinaldo: That was one of the forbidden secrets described in the book belonging to Mathias's family. Now, that whip has become the bane of the children of the night.
Leon: Yes, I can tell... The power of hatred and destruction that the whip has against vampires...
Rinaldo: I'm sorry, Leon.
Leon: It couldn't be helped... It is no one's fault... It was what Sara wanted...
Rinaldo: Are you going already...?
Leon: Yes. I must keep the promise I made to Sara.

Rinaldo: I see... Come back again anytime. I can be of some help to you.


14. Lament of Innocence- Sara's Wish Part 2

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Forest of Eternal Night
Background Music: Rear Garden
Cloi-rinaldo-gandolfi2Rinaldo Ending
(Meanwhile, at Rinaldo's Cottage, Rinaldo sees the sun rising in the sky)

Rinaldo: So, he did it...

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)

Game: Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Location: Forest of Eternal Night

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