Dialogue Data: Castle Corridor (edit)
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AoS-Soma DialogueSoma Cruz

AoS-Graham DialogueGraham Jones

First Encounter with Graham
???: Oh? Hello there.

Soma Cruz: Uh, h-hello. Y-You're human, aren't you?
Graham Jones: Relax. My name is Graham. Let's just say... I'm a missionary.
Soma Cruz: Oh... I'm... Soma, Soma Cruz.
Graham Jones: You weren't here in this shrine before, were you? How did you get here?
Soma Cruz: I'm not sure. I went through the shrine gate... and BOOM I was here.
Graham Jones: I see...
Soma Cruz: Uh, can I ask you a question?
Graham Jones: Go ahead, I don't mind.
Soma Cruz: Is it true that this is Dracula's castle?
Graham Jones: It most certainly is.
Soma Cruz: But, isn't Dracula's castle in Europe somewhere?
Graham Jones: In theory, yes. But his TRUE castle exists somewhere else.
Soma Cruz: His true castle?
Graham Jones: Yes. It's a well known fact in the underworld. Do you believe in vampires?
Soma Cruz: Well, uh, no. I thought the story of Dracula was made up, actually.
Graham Jones: No, it's all true. It was leaked to the outside world. Usually, the church handles these things with utmost secrecy... Over the course of time, Dracula has resurrected many times... when people lost faith... and craved chaos and destruction...
Soma Cruz: So... are you trying to tell me now that Dracula has been resurrected?
Graham Jones: No. Dracula perished in 1999. You know of the prophecy of 1999, don't you?
Soma Cruz: Nostradamus' great prophecy...?
Graham Jones: That's right. Dracula was resurrected exactly as he predicted. But, vampire hunters destroyed him completely. They ended his regeneration cycle sealing his castle... the symbol of his demonic power, inside the darkness of an eclipse.
Soma Cruz: And that eclipse is where we are now...?
Graham Jones: Yes, but there's still more to the story...
Soma Cruz: There's more?
Graham Jones: "In the year 2035, a new master will come to the castle, and he... will inherit ALL of Dracula's powers."
Soma Cruz: But that's...!
Graham Jones: Yes. That time is now! I better get going.. Is that all, then?
Soma Cruz: Oh, yes. Thank you.
Graham Jones: Farewell and be careful.

Soma Cruz: Yes, you too.

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 0502:46

Castlevania Aria of Sorrow 100% 05

Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Location: Castle Corridor
When: First Encounter with Graham

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