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Gravity pulls everything away from the center of this stage
Circus, City
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Burnt Paradise is a location in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. This stage reuses most sprites from Nation of Fools.


The alternate stage for Nation of Fools. Found in the second group of paintings, Burnt Paradise requires completion of Dark Academy to be accessed. The background for this stage is, as the name implies, a burned out city. Just like the Nation of Fools, there is gravity in the area, but it works inversely than in that stage; namely normal at the top, sides the opposite of their sides, and upside-down at the bottom. Again, stronger enemies such as Minotaurs and most flying enemies are unaffected by gravity. However, sideways-walking Buster Armors are very hard to kill. It lacks the center area of the Nation of Fools and the boss is Medusa, who is fought at the bottom. She is partially affected by gravity in some of her attacks and in her death animation.


Burnt Paradise


Cvpor maps burn paradise 1

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