BH Cleric

Brotherhood Clerics are priest warriors of the Brotherhood of Light. They have magical abilities and can summon more Brotherhood Soldiers.


When Warriors are also presentEdit

  • Insigne ex magus (Lat: Mark of the Mage): Invokes the Silver Blessing, increasing the offensive capability of all Warriors. Can be ended by attacking the Cleric.
  • Arcessere armas (Lat: Access Armament): Invokes the Golden Blessing, shielding one Warrior in an invulnerable golden aura. Can be ended by attacking the Cleric.

When only Clerics are presentEdit

  • Telum magica (Lat: Magic Weapon): Tosses a vial of Holy Water.
  • Forma incendium (Lat: Fiery Form): Flings a pillar of fire.
  • Globus ex ignifer (Lat: Ball of Fire): Slams staff into ground, generating shock wave of divinely-charged fog.
  • Pass through the portal, brothers: you must stop him.../Come to me, brothers!: Summons three Brotherhood Warriors.


Those spells are present in game data, but never used in-game by the Clerics.

  • Manux ex ignis (Lat: Fire from the Hands (approx.)
  • Praesidium ex malus (Lat: Protection from Evil)
  • Saggita ex acidus (Lat: Acid Arrow (approx.))
  • Dispellere magica (Lat: Magical Dispel)
  • Scriptum igni (Lat: Written by Fire)
  • Tactus ex nosferatu (Lat: Touch of the Vampire (Nosferatu is a synonym for Vampire))
  • Fascinare monstrum (Lat: Monster Fascination (approx.))


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