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Broken Mast is the fourth episode of the second season of Netflix's original series, Castlevania.


Hector and Isaac take their first steps on divergent paths. Trevor and Sypha grow closer. Vampires can die too.


Dracula's Castle, 1476

Godbrand lays dreaming of a time he hunted humans in the snow, killing them ruthlessly with his blade. Calling for blood and beer, Godbrand is disappointed when a servant produces a pig. Godbrand starts to agree with Carmilla that something needs to be done about Dracula.

Belmont Estate

Trevor uncovers a magic mirror that allows for remote viewing. Alucard examines it since some mirrors allow matter transportation as well, but determines that the mirror is not one of them, but could be made to work with some repairs to the runes. Trevor and Alucard continue to spar verbally and Sypha tells him that he should not rise to the bait. She asks him why his name is Trevor; Trevor recounts that a Celt rode with Leon Belmont who was named "Trefor". Sypha likes the name and teases Trevor that his name is "Treffy" from now on.

Dracula's Castle

Carmilla continues to try and recruit Hector to her side, pointing out that Dracula appears to be loosing his sanity. She asks Hector why Dracula did not turn Lisa into a vampire and likens their relationship to little more than a master and a favored pet. Carmilla wants to unseat Dracula and bring the castle to Braila where her forces would take the castle when Dracula's army sacked the town. Hector mentions that her forces might not be enough, leading to Carmilla to imply that Hector should create forces for her using his skills.

Isaac's Home, 1475

Dracula visits Isaac in his isolated home to recruit him to create an army. Isaac recounts how they met to prove his friendship to Dracula, how the vampire saved him from being hunted and killed by those wishing to sell his body parts to other magicians. Dracula wants him to create an army for war on the humans, but Isaac sees it for what it is. Dracula admits it is an extermination of the humans and Isaac pledges his loyalty.

Castle Dracula, 1476

Godbrand leads several of Dracula's generals on a raid to a nearby human village in order to feed. Riding demonic horses, they set out to slaughter the village.

Dracula goes to see Isaac and confides in him that he feels that the war council is turning against him, and that even Hector is showing signs of not being fully supportive of his plans. Discussing Hector, Dracula admits to Isaac that he misled him about his plan for the humans, allowing Hector to believe that their would be a cull and control. Dracula asks if Isaac is still his friend and admits that he might be the only one he has.

Godbrand leads the generals in a slaughter of the humans in the village, ruthlessly killing them and feeding on their blood.

Belmont Estate

Trevor offers room under his blanket for a tired and lonely Sypha while Alucard continues to explore the library. Sypha compares Alucard's sadness to Trevor's, and Trevor is surprised that she thinks he is sad. However, Sypha tells him that Trevor lets his true self through on occasion, while Alucard is more like an icy well of sadness. As they talk, Sypha falls asleep on his shoulder.

Dracula's Castle

Returning from the slaughter of the village, Godbrand approaches Isaac to talk about Dracula. Telling him that Carmilla is talking sense, he points out that Dracula does not heed the advice of his generals and there is no actual battle plan. Godbrand is also angry that they were not told that Alucard slept under Gresit. The vampire suggests taking control of the war away from Dracula. Isaac kills Godbrand for his treachery and thanks him for showing him that corruption has taken root in Dracula's court.



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