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Dialogue Data: Brauner
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Main Story (edit)
Jonathan dialogue1Jonathan

Charlotte dialogue-1Charlotte Brauner dialogue1-1Brauner StellalevampireStella Lorettavampire1Loretta

Brauner and the Twins
Brauner: Oh ho. I'm a bit surprised to find you inside of my painting.

Jonathan: You must be Brauner...
(Loretta's sister is about to attack the duo)
???: How dare you! Show my father some respect!
Brauner: Calm yourself, Stella. What could they possibly know about respect? They're just humans, after all. Indeed, I am Brauner. Master of this castle.
Jonathan: Are you trying to revive Dracula? What the hell are you up to?
Loretta: Hmpf! Dracula, you say? Sister?
Stella: Watching these fools get worked up can be so entertaining.
Charlotte: It seems you have no intention of reviving Dracula.
Brauner: Why is it necessary to revive Lord Dracula? In the last few centuries, he's failed at controlling humanity. I will wait no longer. For the sake of my beloved daughters, I will take this world from mankind. Humans bring death and ruin to everything of beauty.
Jonathan: If you're not after Dracula, why has the castle resurrected?
Brauner: Lord Dracula's power is great. I recognize that. And through this castle, that power will allow the world to be reborn.
Charlotte: You only want to use Dracula's power?
Brauner: ...
Charlotte: But it shouldn't be possible to separate Dracula from his magic.
Brauner: Oh, but it is! What a clever young lady. So long as I possess the power of the painting, I'll have no trouble at all.
Stella: Father. You need not waste your time on such insolent pests.
Jonathan: (angrily) What did you say?!
Loretta: Yes... Allow me to demonstrate how utterly pathetic they are.
Brauner: Well, no need to be hasty, dear. At the moment, Dracula's faithful servant is sniffling around MY castle. Disposing of him is our first priority.
Stella: (surprised) But, father!
Brauner: You two have nothing to worry about. Please, retire to a safe place and get some rest.
Stella: ...
(Stella and Loretta leave via floating paintings)
Brauner: You heard me. We can dispose of this trash at any time.
(Brauner leaves via another painting)
Jonathan: ... Brauner, huh?
Charlotte: He has incredible power. Just the sight of him could drive an ordinary person mad.
Jonathan: Yep, it would've been messy. If only I could use the whip!
Charlotte: Look, at least we're alive.

Jonathan: Yeah... But I'll make him regret ever crossing paths with us!

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Sandy Grave & Meeting Brauner Pt10:57

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Sandy Grave & Meeting Brauner Pt. 7)

Game: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Location: Sandy Grave
When: Meeting with Brauner and the Twins
Jonathan dialogue1Jonathan

Charlotte dialogue-1Charlotte Brauner dialogue5Brauner

Death of the Twins
Jonathan: Forgive me, Eric.

(Brauner shows up from a floating painting)
Brauner: P-Please! Don't hurt my daughters! I beg you!
Jonathan: Why are you trying to stop me?
Charlotte: We know the truth. You aren't really related to each other.
Brauner: Family isn't just about blood relations! We are joined together by our very souls! Enough! We shall flee the castle!
Jonathan: What?!
Brauner: I can't endanger my daughters any further! Destroying this castle... That's what both of you want, right? Farewell...
(Brauner and the twins leave via paintings)
Jonathan: Hey, wait!
Charlotte: The castle's crumbling! We have to run!

Jonathan: Damn you, Brauner!

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Bad Ending Pt07:34

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Bad Ending Pt. 19)

Location: Master's Keep
When: The twins are Dead
Jonathan dialogue2Jonathan

Charlotte dialogue23Charlotte Brauner dialogue4Brauner

Battle with Brauner
Brauner: Stella, Loretta. I told you not to come here.

Jonathan: Hey! Hey! Who are you talking to? They're busy following orders!
Brauner: You! You two! What have you done to my daughters!
Charlotte: (gladly) Sadly for you, they've regained their senses. Thanks to my magic.
Brauner: (shocked) How can this be?! (angrily) How could you two understand? Those two are the reincarnations of my dead daughters!
Jonathan: I don't care! Being a family means being connected by heart. Ties of blood and soul are insignificant. When I learned why my father did what he did, I understood. (shouting) You used a curse to manipulate your "dear daughters"! Now THAT'S sad!
(Brauner breaks his cane in fury)
Brauner: And now I must suffer the loss of my daughters to humanity again. I'll show you how that feels. (extremely furious) And then I'll make those girls my daughters once more!
Jonathan: Now THAT'S a problem. Sorry, can't let you do that.

Brauner: Behold, the power of my painting!

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Brauner & The Lord of Darkness Revived Pt08:27

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Brauner & The Lord of Darkness Revived Pt. 30)

Game: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Location: Lost Gallery
When: Before fight Brauner
Jonathan dialogue1Jonathan

Brauner dialogue5Brauner Death dialogueDeath

Death of Brauner
Brauner: Damn you, humans... You selfishly start wars and despoil the earth... Perhaps justice wasn't on my side but I will never admit that it was on yours.

Jonathan: Fine either way. After all, "justice" is just a matter of perspective. The fact is, you're just a coward who couldn't face the truth. You couldn't accept your fate, so you just abandoned humanity to get what you wanted.
Brauner: I just... I just wanted to protect my family.
(Death suddenly shows up above the room and finishes off Brauner with a single slash of his scythe)
Death: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Brauner: (SCREAMS)
Jonathan: !!
Death: Well done! Now the interloper is no more!
Jonathan: What?
Death: The studio painting was cutting off the throne needed to revive Lord Dracula. A clever plan. Alas, now my lord can be revived! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(Death leaves the room)

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Brauner & The Lord of Darkness Revived Pt08:27

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin Walkthrough (Brauner & The Lord of Darkness Revived Pt. 30)

Game: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Location: Lost Gallery
When: After defeating Brauner
Sisters Mode (edit)
Stella human2Stella

LorettahumanLoretta Eric human4Eric Brauner dialogue1Brauner

Stella: !!

Loretta: Father!
(Stella draws closer to Eric, who was injured from a fresh fight with Brauner)
Eric: S-Stay back!
Stella: But you're hurt so badly!
Eric: !! Brauner!
(Brauner shows up behind Stella)
Stella: !!
(Brauner bites and sucks Stella's blood)
Loretta: Stella!
(Loretta falls on her knees. Brauner walks over and does the same to her)
Brauner: Have no fear. I shall grant you a world of peace, my beloved daughters...
Loretta: ...

Eric: Stop it... STOP IT, PLEASE!!!

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - Stella and Loretta mode final part11:02

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - Stella and Loretta mode final part

Game: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Sisters Mode)
Location: Entrance

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