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Legend (see World Map)
(19) Belasco Marsh
(20) Dead River-2
(21) Brahm's Mansion
(22) Dead River-4
(23) Jam Wasteland

Brahm's Mansion NES Game Atlas

Stage Map from NES Game Atlas

Brahm's Mansion (Japanese: ディムの館/ブラームの館 Dimu no yakata/Burāmu no yakata) is the third accessible mansion in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. It's the first stop along a dead-end path where the Ferryman takes you to on the Dead River from the coast of the Belasco Marsh area when you present him Dracula's Heart, which is found at the end of Rover Mansion to the far east. Beyond the mansion you need to cross another fork of the great river (upstream of the South Bridge) to reach the Jam Wasteland, where you can obtain a Diamond.

Brahm's Mansion is one of the most straightforward mazes, just simply head up, over, down, and over again in order to find the Oak Stake Merchant and the relic. You don't need to worry about fake floors or walls going this path. There's a section in the upper-left part of the mansion that you don't need to go to, that requires walking through a fake wall in order to "get back". The mansion is populated by a wide variety of creatures that must be dealt with. Death guards the entrance to the relic housed in this mansion, Dracula's Eyeball. Death can be skipped in order to gain this relic, however, defeating him will reward you with the Golden Knife, which is the most powerful dagger in the game. Dracula's eyeball allows you to see hidden clues and is needed in order to enter Dracula's Castle.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Brahm's Mansion
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
ScimS1 ScimS2 ScimS4 ScimS5 ScimS3 29. Skeleton Soldier  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8/16/32
Drop: Half Heart
Berkeley Mansion / Rover Mansion / Brahm's Mansion / Bodley Mansion / Laruba Mansion
KnightS1 KnightS3 KnightS5 KnightS4 KnightS2 30. Knight  (Lance Knight) [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8/16/32
Drop: Half Heart
Berkeley Mansion / Rover Mansion / Brahm's Mansion / Bodley Mansion / Laruba Mansion
SlimeS1 SlimeS3 SlimeS4 26. Slime [Mansion Type]  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8
Drop: Small Heart
Berkeley Mansion, Bodley Mansion
GargS1 GargS3 GargS2 19. The Gargoyle  (Devil) [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 2/4/8
Drop: Big Heart
Berkeley Mansion / Rover Mansion / Brahm's Mansion
BatS2 2. Vampire Bat [Mansion Type]  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 4
Drop: Small Heart
Rover Mansion, Brahm's Mansion
GrimS1 31. Death  [ edit ]
Simon's Quest
' HP: 128
Drop: Golden Knife
Guard: Dracula's Eyeball
Brahm's Mansion


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