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Bone Arks are a single, horned Bone Pillar which are supported by a palanquin and carried around via two skeleton servants/priests. Much like regular Bone Pillars a Bone Ark attacks primarily through the use of projectiles however unlike a Bone Pillar, the projectiles explode into a highly dangerous electrical field capable of heavy damage.

When destroyed the skeleton carriers run away, arms wildly flailing. This may be glee, to be free of the Bone Ark or fear of the player. In Symphony of the Night, they can be cornered by Alucard. In this cast, they will run towards the wall, run away from it, and then back towards it when the see Alucard, which can be amusing. If the reach a door, they will hop into it. Oddly, when destroyed the Bone Ark's neck continues to move. The enemy appears to be a reference to the Ark of the Covenant. It is carried by what might be skeletal priests, and launches a wide, electrical attack.


Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Edit

They appear in Subterranean Hell. They are a pain to destroy, and therefore to get their soul. Their soul enables Soma to be carried by the Bone Ark, and he is sitting on top of the skeleton head itself. He appears to be relaxed, making it a sort of demonic palanquin.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Bone Ark
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Boneark-1- 76. Bone Ark  (High Mobility Bone Pillar) [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Portable skull shrine carried by skeleton priests. Weak: Holy, Fire
Level: 19
HP: 250
Exp: 40
Drop: Monster Vial 3, Skull Shield; Skeleton priests: Monster Vial 3
Boneark 77. Bone Ark  (High Mobility Bone Pillar) [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow
A mobile Bone Pillar. It is considered an innovative breakthrough. Strong: Piercing, Dark
Weak: Bashing, Fire, Holy
HP: 160
MP: 1
Exp: 80
Atk: 35
Timestop: Unaffected
Soul: First Class (3%)
Silenced Ruins, Subterranean Hell
Boneark 124. Bone Ark  (High Mobility Bone Pillar) [ edit ]
Portrait of Ruin
A mobile Bone Pillar. Considered an innovative breakthrough. Strong: Dark
Weak: Strike, Whip, Fire, Holy
HP: 500
Exp: 354
Skill Pt: 15
Nest of Evil

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