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Bioquimek Scientists are human researchers and technicians under the Bioquimek Corporation in Lords of Shadow 2. They experiment on genetic mutations, biological weapons, and cloning. These modern-day scientist are under the command of the Acolytes and do the bidding under Army of Satan.

A team of scientist had worked under Raisa Volkova to develop the virus, which she unleashed transforming them into monsters.


Cloning, biological weapons, generic mutation and biomechanical upgrades are some of the great achievements of the modern era. To attain them, the Bioquimek scientists have challenged God directly, deforming his creation with arrogance and pride.

Breaking the laws of nature or overstepping the bounds of ethics in their search for success and power mean little to them. However, what they have actually found is a life of slavery and torment under the orders of Satan’s acolytes.

It’s too late to repent. Now, on the brink of the end of the world, mankind will pay for its irresponsibility.


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