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For the Lords of Shadow timeline family tree, see Lords of Shadow Family Tree.

The Belmont Family Tree contains all Belmont relatives in the traditional timeline.

This family was started with Leon Belmont, and, so far, ends with Julius Belmont, who is the last of his bloodline. Other members of the family, if they exist, are currently unknown, or belong to another family.

This family tree only contains characters from the same bloodline. Other characters should not be added to this tree.


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationship
  • Dashed horizontal lines denote engagement relationships
  • Dashed vertical lines denote the rest of the family tree, that contains unknown members of the family
  • A cross denotes a deceased character, who died before, during, or at the end of the events of the game(s) they appear in

Unknown Woman
Leon Belmont
Sara Trantoul
Unknown descendants
Trevor C. Belmont
Sypha Belnades
2 Unknown descendants
Unknown Woman
Christopher Belmont
Soleiyu Belmont
Unknown Woman
Unknown descendants
Unknown Woman
Simon Belmont
Simon's Son/Daughter
Unknown Man/Woman
Lydie Erlanger*
Juste Belmont
Richter Belmont**
Unknown descendants
Julius Belmont

*Lydie is a possible love interest to Juste, but this is only a rumor, as any official material confirm this.
**Richter is either Juste's son, or his grandson. In the first case, Juste would have been 43 when Richter was born. No official material confirms either assumption.
***Though Annette is Richter's girlfriend/fiancée at the time of Rondo of Blood, it is unknown if she became his wife, and had children with him. No official material confirm this.

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