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Beast Hunter is a whip used by Simon Belmont before he finds his father's Combat Cross in the Library of Dracula's Castle. It's the only primary weapon in the game that lacks a Combat Chain, which is required to rappel.

Item DataEdit

Item Data: Beast Hunter
Image Name - Game
Type / Users Attributes / Consume Statistics / Sell Found Notes
Beast Hunter Icon Beast Hunter - Mirror of Fate [ edit ]
Simon's whip. Crafted using wild animal skins lashed with metal studding, the whip can be used to damage and kill enemies. It is flexible and hard enough to crack armor, strangle, and shred exposed limbs. (...) Primary Weapon
Find: (start with)


  • The Beast Hunter Whip may be a reference to the Hunter Whip seen in Circle of the Moon.
  • Simon utilizing Trevor's Combat Cross in favor of the Beast Hunter is a throwback to the upgrade system in the classic games. In the original Castlevania, the Vampire Killer started as a leather whip and could be upgraded to a chain whip.
  • Like the Shadow Whip, the Beast Hunter lacks the ability to grapple enemies and utilize rappel points to swing and climb.
  • It's the only whip in the Lords of Shadow continuity that is made of leather and/or animal skin.

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