The Basilica is located in the Downtown district of the City.

It is here where Guido Szandor first attempts to summon Satan. The acolyte escapes to the church after he is interrupted by Dracula, Alucard, and Zobek.

Catching on to his betrayal, Death seeks to be rid of both the Belmonts. Dracula finally fights his long time enemy alone, sending Alucard to track down Szandor. Zobek summons Servant Corpses throughout the battle.


Enemy dataEdit

Enemy Data: Basilica
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
ZobekAsDeath Zobek  - see also Death [ edit ]
Lords of Shadow 2
Countless pictorial and literary reverences have inspired Zobek to shape his true appearance as his most admired character is described. Death. A legendary skeletal being that ends the life of humans once their role in the world is finished. (...) First encountered during Awakening, fought during chapter Revelations

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