Barbariccia is an enemy from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow that brings death from above with its spear.


Barbaraccia wields a spear, and he is pink in color. He could be considered a relative to two other fiends, Draghignazzo and Malacoda, as they behave much the same, and look quite the same. Barbaraccia is the weakest of them though.

Game-Specific InformationEdit

Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowEdit

Barbaraccia is a lesser demon that may be destroyed very easily if Soma can reach it. It flies very quickly through the air. When it spots Soma, it will float backwards, then swoop down at him with great speed. As it might look dangerous, it's actually quite weak, and Soma shouldn't find much trouble in killing one, once it comes in his range.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Barbariccia
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Barbariccia 58. Barbariccia  [ edit ]
Dawn of Sorrow
One of the guardians of the dungeons of hell. Strong: Dark
Weak: Piercing, Slashing, Holy, Curse, Stone
HP: 39
MP: 123
Exp: 89
Atk: 32
Timestop: ?
Common Drop: Blunt Sword (8%)
Soul: Ogre Form (8%)
Garden of Madness, The Dark Chapel


  • Barbariccia originates from Dante's Divine Comedy.
  • The name also appears in Final Fantasy IV as one of the Four Elemental Archfiends as the Empress of The Winds.

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