Maria started using Owls as her primary attack bird instead of Doves some time after the events of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.

The first time allied owls appeared in a game was in official Maria artwork of the original PlayStation version of Symphony of the Night and is found perching on her shoulder. In the Sega Saturn version of the game, the owl appears as an Owl Familiar when she uses the Summon Suzaku spell. The owl was first used as her primary attack weapon in the Dracula X Chronicles version of the game. The owl is used in exactly the same way as Doves had been used in previous games, though a little larger. By pressing the attack button, an owl is released upwards and in front of her and heads to a nearby enemy. It then loops back and returns to her. She is able to have multiple owls out at the same time.

In Castlevania Judgment, Maria's primary attack weapon is a caged owl, which she calls Oscar. The cage is set upon a pole and can be controlled by either Maria swinging it or by the owl causing the cage to move. While Maria holds onto the cage, he offers her a hovering ability and can attack with flaming flight pattern while Maria struggles to hold on. During her ultimate attack, he drags Maria around for a bit and breaks free from the cage and deals massive damage to her opponent, then lands on her head. In the opening cinematic, he is found observing the fight between Simon Belmont and Alucard and reports back to Maria.


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