The Asylum is an area within the Science District in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.


It's said that the mental hospital was built upon a part of the castle where thousands of dead babies were buried. This asylum was known for taking in many ill people claiming to have phobias of the tales of vampires and other stories of Dracula's reign.



  • The Asylum's background story of dead babies references the Dracula novel when the Brides of Dracula would feed daily on infants.
    • Another reference is that the mental asylum is not too different from the one that held Renfield in the novel.
  • At the top of the Asylum, tree branches and foliage can be seen. As there is no evidence of nature in the rest of Castlevania City, it is possible that the Asylum is built on the remains of the Greenhouse.
  • Based on the crumbling architecture, it would appear that the Asylum was abandoned quite some time before the events of Lords of Shadow 2.
  • In the lobby room with the flights of stairs, you can find a smaller version of a painting from the Chupacabras' Shop: a man brandishing a sword while riding a white horse.
  • Throughout the Asylum, there are several paintings of monks and saints. This possibly suggests that the Asylum was funded by the Brotherhood of Light.

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