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Axearmor cotm

Armors in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, are moving suits of armor that command the elements.

The following types of armors can be found:

  • Axe Armor - The most basic type of armor. It throws axes and has resistance against Darkness damage.
  • Dark Armor - An armor which can send vortexes imbued with Darkness energy from his blade.
  • Devil Armor - A more powerful version of the Dark Armor. They can be only encountered in the Battle Arena.
  • Earth Armor - A suit of armor which has the powers of Earth and sends waves of this element through the ground.
  • Flame Armor - An armor which commands the powers of Fire with his burning sword.
  • Forest Armor - A swordless armor who wields a twisting Vine instead.
  • Holy Armor - An armor who can shoot beams of Light at at the player.
  • Ice Armor - Another swordless armor which quickly tosses pairs of Freezing javelins at the player.
  • Poison Armor - An armor that sends out clouds of Poison at the player with his powerful blade.
  • Stone Armor - A swordless armor that throws chunks of rock at the player.
  • Thunder Armor - An armor that wields the element of Electricity and sends it at the player in the form of tracking spheres.
  • White Armor - A more powerful version of the Holy Armor. They can be only encountered in the Battle Arena.
  • Wind Armor - An armor which is so fast that it can send waves of Wind at the player by simply swinging his sword.

Axe ArmorEdit

The weakest of all armors seen in Circle of the Moon, Axe Armors are similar to the Axe Knights found in the original Castlevania. They throw axes in a horizontal pattern, which return to their hands. While they don't command an element and their attacks only deal physical damage, they are resistant to Darkness.

Axearmor cotm
Axe Armor アックスアーマー 55 31
ATK DEF Location
120 130 Abyss Stairway, Audience Room, Outer Wall
Common Drop Rare Drop
Leather Armor (4%) Mandragora Card (1.4%)
Resistance Darkness

Dark ArmorEdit

Dark Armors can send vortexes imbued with Darkness energy from their blades. While they're less powerful than Devil Armors, they're still one of the most dangerous enemies in the game due to their unpredictable patterns of attack. They will briefly aim their swords in the direction they will attack (high, middle or low) and shoot either two or three dark energy vortexes in rapid succession. Most of the times their attacks will be aimed toward Nathan's position, but that's not always the case and sometimes they will shoot in any random direction.

Dark Armor ダークアーマー 400 3,300
ATK DEF Location
680 560 Observation Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Platinum Armor (2%) Double Grips (1%)
Resistance Darkness

Devil ArmorEdit

The Devil Armor is a deadlier version of the Dark Armor; they have exactly the same attack patterns but are much more powerful. They can only be found toward the end of the Battle Arena, in the 15th room. The primary reason which makes Devil Armors so dangerous is the fact that they are accompanied by twelve Evil Pillars, which can cause Stone status, allowing a Devil Armor to kill Nathan with just one or two hits of their Darkness energy vortexes. There are only three in the entire game.

Devil Armor デビルアーマー 500 6,600
ATK DEF Location
804 714 Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Potion High (2.5%) Black Dog Card (2.5%)
Resistance Darkness

Earth ArmorEdit

Earth Armors are some of the weakest armor types. Like their other armor counterparts, they are slow moving and attack periodically. When an Earth Armor swings its sword, it releases an earthquake which travels along the ground (simply jump to avoid it).

Earth Armor アースアーマー 130 249
ATK DEF Location
230 280 Machine Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Gauntlet (4%) Gold Armor (2%)
Resistance Earth

Flame ArmorEdit

The Flame Armor attacks with a Fire sword with the same pattern as the other armors. It takes three steps forward, then pulls its sword back and performs an overhead swing while briefly lunging forward. Its attack has short range, since it does not emit a projectile with the swing; however, its damage is significant for its level. It's often found in the Chapel Tower.

Flame Armor フレイムアーマー 160 280
ATK DEF Location
320 300 Triumph Hallway, Chapel Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Bronze Armor (5%) Heart Ex (1%)
Resistance Fire

Forest ArmorEdit

The Forest Armor is able to grow vines from its arms in a whip-like fashion. It has medium range and the vines will spread out from the tip.

Forest Armor フォレストアーマー 370 1,280
ATK DEF Location
390 390 Underground Warehouse, Audience Room (after defeating Camilla)
Common Drop Rare Drop
Chain Mail (1.8%) Rainbow Robe (0.45%)
Resistance Plants

Holy ArmorEdit

Holy Armors are among the strongest types of armors. They move like typical armors, moving forward four paces and then attacking by pointing their sword in the direction of their enemies and firing a beam of Light energy, either straight forward or diagonal (can fire it either diagonally up or down). They are less powerful than the White Armors.

Holy Armor ホーリーアーマー 350 1,700
ATK DEF Location
420 450 Underground Warehouse
Common Drop Rare Drop
Serpent Card (5%) Platinum Armor (0.5%)
Resistance Light

Ice ArmorEdit

Ice Armors are amongst the most dangerous types of elemental armors, as not only are they notorious for being able to kill Nathan with just two or three hits by themselves, but most of the grounds in the rooms they appear in are covered by a poisonous water that will only worsen matters. Ice Armors, like all other armors, are slow moving and attack periodically. When they attack, they materialize an ice spear in their hand and throw it straight forward. They throw two spears in succession: one upper, which Nathan can duck to avoid, and one lower, which Nathan has to jump over.

When an Ice Armor's spear hits Nathan, it will inflict Freeze status, immobilizing him. Like the Stone status, it greatly increases the damage Nathan receives, with the added hazard of having to wait until the effect ends, unlike with stone, where the player can break free from it. If an Ice Armor hits Nathan with the first spear, the second spear will likely halve Nathan's HP or just kill him.

Perhaps the only saving grace that the Ice Armors have for the player is their item drop; upon defeat, they have a chance to drop the Neptune Card. This will prove most helpful to Nathan once he collects it, as by that point in the game, it is likely that he already has the Serpent Card, thus rendering a good number of the enemies present in the area relatively harmless.

Ice Armor アイスアーマー 240 500
ATK DEF Location
470 520 Underground Waterway
Common Drop Rare Drop
Steel Armor (2.5%) Neptune Card (1.2%)
Resistance Ice

Poison ArmorEdit

The sword-wielding Poison Armor is found in several places. Its attack pattern is the same as the other armors. They pace forward four steps, then raise their swords and expel a cloud of violet gas which damages and Poisons Nathan on contact. The gas remains for a few seconds, moving slowly in Nathan's direction. The cloud of gas, however, is not dangerous but until it reaches its initial projected distance, which means Nathan can stand in front of a Poison Armor while it attacks, and remain unharmed even if the cloud of gas travels through his body and materializes behind him (one must be wary of the sword, though).

Poison Armor ポイズンアーマー 260/380 822/3,600
ATK DEF Location
382/680 310/634 Audience Room, Underground Gallery, Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Antidote (5%) Rainbow Robe (0.5%)
Resistance Poison

Note: Second stat listed is when encountered in the Battle Arena.

Stone ArmorEdit

The Stone Armor throws large boulders in sets of three at its enemies; these can easily be destroyed by spinning the whip.

Stone Armor ストーンアーマー 90/260 222/3,000
ATK DEF Location
220/585 320/750 Catacomb, Machine Tower, Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Hard Ring (6%) Cockatrice Card (1.8%)
Resistance Stone

Note: Second stat listed is when encountered in the Battle Arena.

Thunder ArmorEdit

The Thunder Armor emits Electricity spheres from its sword which will track Nathan's position for a few seconds, after which they will travel in a straight line out of the screen.

Thunder Armor サンダーアーマー 204 800
ATK DEF Location
340 320 Machine Tower, Chapel Tower, Underground Warehouse, Underground Gallery
Common Drop Rare Drop
Gold Armor (2.5%) Steel Armor (0.75%)
Resistance Electricity

White ArmorEdit

The White Armor is an improved version of the Holy Armor and they only appear in the Battle Arena. They walk forward four paces, raise their swords and fire a large laser-like beam straight forward which deals Light damage. However, since they only fire the holy beam straight forward, their attacks can be easily avoided by ducking and attacking. They drop the Unicorn Card.

White Armor ホワイトアーマー 640 7,000
ATK DEF Location
770 807 Battle Arena
Common Drop Rare Drop
Potion High (2.5%) Unicorn Card (2.5%)
Resistance Light

Wind ArmorEdit

Wind Armor is an elemental armor which attacks by using Wind waves. The wind wave describes the range of the attack.

Wind Armor ウインドアーマー 320 1,800
ATK DEF Location
500 460 Outer Wall (after defeating Camilla), Underground Reservoir, Observation Tower
Common Drop Rare Drop
Potion (2%) Potion High (0.4%)
Resistance Wind

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