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The Armored Dracula skin is a pre-order downloadable skin for Dracula in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.


Dracula's armored form is substantially different from his default form. His cloak is much thicker and black with red lining and several thick belts and buckles. He also wears steel knee guards, similar to Victor Belmont.

His facial hair has grown longer, becoming a true goatee and beard. He wears jeweled rings on his fingers.



  • The facial features of this skin bare a striking resemblance to the historical Dracula, Vlad Ţepeş III.
  • The cloak itself appears to be made out of leather.
  • This pre-order was only available with GameStop™, but is now available through download.
  • The Armored Dracula skin is accessed through the "Additional Content" menu, either in-game or at the start screen. Accessing it will return the game to a previous checkpoint.
  • The red cloak lining of the skin is similar to the Black Cloak from the metroidvania games.

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