The Armored Beast is an enemy in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. It is a ferocious beast covered in armor that attacks with its claws.


The Armored Beast possesses pale brown fur that is mostly covered by spiked armor, and the face-plate also makes it look like it has horns. It also appears to be rotting as well, as it has a fair amount skin on its legs. The Armored Beast will attempt to kill Shanoa with its claws or by using its sheer weight to stomp on the ground, unleashing a wave of tremendous force that will both knock her back and damage her.


Due to its peculiar spiked armor that has gaps with skin exposed, an Armored Beast will be resilient to weapon glyphs that cause Strike damage, such as Macir. Shanoa should instead be equipped with either glyphs that cause Slash damage, or glyphs that inflict Flame damage. When it starts to rear back, get ready to either retreat or double jump to avoid the wave of force that it unleashes.

Enemy DataEdit

58 Armored Beast 255 42
Tolerance Weakness
Strike Slash, Flame
Location Drop Glyph EXP AP
Tristis Pass, Oblivion Ridge Meat (5%) - 133 2
Description "A ferocious armored beast with steel claws on hand and foot."


  • This monster seems to be based on the Beast of Gévaudan's appearance from the 2001 French film, Brotherhood of the Wolf, which is loosely based on a real life series of killings in the 18th century.
  • Another enemy, the Gashida, uses a modified version of the Armored Beast's model.

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