The Angel Mummy is a boss in Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge. It attacks by throwing the bones in its two necks from one to another. It also spits deadly projectiles from its mouth.


The Angel Mummy is the boss of the Cloud Castle. It is a huge monstrosity conformed by what appears to be a big human head bearing two other smaller skeletal heads, one above and one below. These are essentially two bound White Dragons, the upper one having a human skull, while the bottom one having a dragon skull.

Each head attacks by spewing fireballs and hurling their neck bones forward in a boomerang-like manner, which then return to reassemble on the other head's neck.

It can be damaged by attacking either skeletal head, while the human head will not attack nor can it be damaged.

Enemy DataEdit

Name JPN Alt. Name
Angel Mummy
Cloud Castle