Mirror of FateEdit

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Snatched from his cradle, hidden from his father and secretly raised by the elders of the Brotherhood of Light, Trevor was trained from birth to become the best and brightest warrior in the order. Unaware of his true lineage, shielded from the truth, until now…


Awakening from death after thirty years of being in the ground, Alucard discovered his true fate: to become that which he swore to destroy. There is little left of the man who once walked in the sunlight; a sad and painful memory of that which was lost… But in it's place a strong desire for revenge upon the one who made him.

Lords of Shadow 2Edit

Trevor BelmontEdit

"You'll pay for what you did to me and my mother!"
— Trevor Belmont


The reflection of the innocent boy, which the Mirror of Fate showed to Dracula, Returns to the mind of his repentant father as penance for having condemned him to suffer the eternal curse of the vampire.

The moments that he never shared with his first born come to life now, as broken of his memory, putting light against shadow in his dark memories.

Putting the broken pieces together seems to be the way to acheve an unknown purpose. That is why young Trevor guides his father through the castle, leading him to the furthest reaches of his mind, where the forgotten memories that must be revealed are hidden…


"Trevor died long ago, Father… I am Alucard, a vampire!"
— Alucard


After the events reflected in the Mirror of Fate, Dracula's first born kept away from the human cities, before accepting his new nature.

He wandered in the night like one of the godless creatures that he swore to destroy so long ago, until he understood that there was nothing he could do now to get back the life that was taken from him. He could only abandon his old beliefs and fight for the one thing that made sense of his existence.

After visiting the tomb of the wife he longed for, he set out alone on a campaign to hunt down the creatures of darkness and watch over the new generations of men. When the Prince of Shadow's castle once again rose from his rubble, the trail led him to his father once again.



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