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Enemy Data: Alucard and Similar Enemies
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Alucard cv3 38. Alucard  [ edit ]
Dracula's Curse
' 5. Caves
Cv3-dopalu 48. Doppelganger [Alucard]  [ edit ]
Dracula's Curse
' 9. Villa
Aluganger 34. Doppleganger10  (Doppleganger Lv. 10) [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Shape-shifting demon. Level: 10
HP: 120
Exp: 500
Guard: Life Vessel, Gladius
Outer Wall
Aluganger 129. Doppleganger40  (Doppleganger Lv. 40) [ edit ]
Symphony of the Night
Shape-shifting demon. Level: 40
HP: 777
Exp: 2,001
Guard: Life Vessel
Reverse Caverns
Alu-sword Alucard  [ edit ]
In order to pass on to Sonia his own hope of slaying his father Count Dracula, Alucard lurks somewhere in Dracula's castle, waiting for the fateful day when he must rise to his final test. Soul: Saint
4. Top Floor
Encore of the Night
''Abil: ???
HP: 600
Exp: +1 level
Drop:  ???
Steal: ???
Outer Wall
Doppleganger II 
Encore of the Night
''Abil: Soul Steal - Instantly does (unknown formula) damage to opponent and heals caster for same amount.
HP: 2700
Exp: +1 level
Drop: Gurthang
Steal: ~1 gold, 25 silver
Underground Caverns

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