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Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus

The Chosen
(Shanoa enters the main room and turns)

Shanoa: Who's there?
Albus: ...Figures. Serves me right for trying to scare you.
(Albus appears out of thin air)
Shanoa: Albus!
Albus: Apparently I didn't hide my presence very well at all. Good to see you, Shanoa.
Shanoa: What are you doing here?
Albus: Well, this is our home, after all. Where else would I be?
Shanoa: No, it's not that. Aren't you on a mission?
Albus: Yes, but I wanted to make sure things were okay here. Any news worth sharing?
(Shanoa bows and raises her head)
Shanoa: Well... Barlowe chose me as the bearer, actually. We're about to start the ritual, so my body can be a vessel for Dominus.
Albus: What did you say!? Dominus... you?
Shanoa: That's right.
Albus: This is an outrage! Barlowe lied to me!
Shanoa: Lied?
Albus: I'm supposed to be the bearer. He promised me that much!
Shanoa: But, the master said you--
Albus: What? What did he tell you?
Shanoa: ...that you're unfit... to be the bearer.
Albus: ...!? He would never say such a thing!
Shanoa: But Albus--
(Bell ringing sound)
Shanoa: I'm sorry; it's time. I have to go.
(Shanoa jumps)
Albus: Wait, Shanoa! You don't understand!
(Shanoa bows her head again)
Shanoa: You're wrong. I'm as much a member of Ecclesia as you are.
(Shanoa turns round)
Shanoa: Our sole purpose is to destroy Dracula, so people can look to dawn without fearing the darkness. Am I wrong, Albus?
Albus: That isn't--
Shanoa: For that reason, I will become Dominus, the blade to banish all evil.
Albus: Shanoa...!
(Shanoa leaves. Albus tears his hair in shock)
Albus: How could he!?
(Light flashes)

Albus: Orders may be orders, Barlowe... But I'm holding you to your promise.

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Walkthrough 『Ecclesia 1 1』14:15

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Walkthrough 『Ecclesia 1 1』

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Ecclesia
Background Music: Vanishing
Shanoa dialogue2Shanoa

Albus dialogue2Albus Barlowe dialogue1Barlowe

(In Ecclesia's top chamber)

Barlowe: Shanoa, as you know, only you can become the bearer of Dominus.
Shanoa: Yes, Sir.
Barlowe: Even so, it will be nearly impossible for you to control with its power. The purpose of this ritual is to make sure your body will adjust to Dominus.
Shanoa: Yes, Sir. But when it's over, I--
Barlowe: That's right, Shanoa. You will be able to wield our most powerful Glyph... Dominus, which Ecclesia created as the ultimate weapon against Dracula.
(Shanoa runs to a glowing object at the back)
Barlowe: I'm proud of you, Shanoa. You will become our world's new savior.
(Barlowe unleashes his three books which contained Dominus. Shanoa begins to absorb the glyphs but a sudden interruption changes what was highly anticipated)
Barlowe: What's going on!?
Shanoa: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
(Albus shows up holding the books used on the ritual)
Shanoa: You... Who...are...?
Albus: ......
(Shanoa collapses)
Barlowe: What is the meaning of this!? Albus! You know how crucial the ritual is!
Albus: You lied to me.
Barlowe: Albus--
Albus: I was to be the bearer. You promised me!
Barlowe: We each have a role! If you had followed orders, you might understand that. Above all else, Shanoa is the only one with the capacity for Dominus. You know that as well as I do.
Albus: I intended to overcome my weakness. What happened to working together?
Barlowe: Perhaps we still can. Together, we will overcome this setback as well...
Albus: It's too late.
(Albus vanishes the books)
Barlowe: Tell me, Albus. What do you intend to do with Dominus?
Albus: ...You said it yourself: each of us has a role. And, like a fine master, you've finally shown me what mine must be.
Barlowe: Don't be stupid, Albus! What are you planning?
Albus: I will be taking Dominus.
Barlowe: Be rational! Without that Glyph, our mission is a failure! Dracula's vessel--
Albus: I have my own mission.
(Albus points Agartha at Barlowe)
Barlowe: Tch!
(Barlowe steps back and unleash a spell. Albus shoots an energy orb. The two spells collided and repel each other's attacks)
Albus: You are my master no longer... Farewell, Barlowe.

(Albus leaves)

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Walkthrough 『Ecclesia 1 1』14:15

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Walkthrough 『Ecclesia 1 1』

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Ecclesia
Background Music: Deliberate Blink
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus

(Shanoa finds Albus)

Albus: Shanoa! Still slaving away for the old man, are we?
Shanoa: You... I've seen you before. Your name is Albus, is it not?
Albus: Well, yes...
Shanoa: By order of my master, I'm to retrieve the Dominus Glyph and return you home.
Albus: Home, you say? I have none. The old man saw to that.
Shanoa: It was not a request.
(Shanoa approaches Albus, but he teleports to the entrance of the room)
Albus: Intriguing... I recall you being a great deal more graceful than that. And you've forgotten your skill with Glyphs as well.
Shanoa: I have forgotten, thanks to you.
Albus: Is that so? Well, I'm never going back. Remember to tell the old man for me.
Shanoa: You must. By order of Master Barlowe--
Albus: Never say that name again!
(Albus points his gun at Shanoa)
Shanoa: Concentrate, Shanoa...
(Shanoa crouches)
Albus: Well, I'd best be off... Take care, Shanoa.
(Albus leaves. Shanoa finds a map in the floor)

Shanoa: Hmm... He marked a village on this map.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 314:34

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 3

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Monastery
Background Music: Cantus Motet -1-
When: After defeating Arthroverta
Shanoa dialogue3Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus

An Unlikely Reward
(Shanoa finds Albus in a laboratory room)

Shanoa: Albus!
Albus: Impressive, Shanoa. It's fortunate I already prepared you a reward... (releases the Dominus) It's the best I can do, for the time being. This Dominus is what you came for, is it not? Go ahead and take it.
(Shanoa obtains the Dominus)
Shanoa: It really is Dominus. What are you thinking?
Albus: Figured... With that much power, it's impossible to conceal its source.
Shanoa: The source of Dominus? What does that mean?
Albus: What it means, dear, is that I was right.
Shanoa: This is your last chance; come back to Ecclesia.
Albus: We've been over this... My place is no longer as the old man's errand boy. I have a role to fulfill, and fulfill it I shall.
(Albus vanishes in sight)

Shanoa: How was he able to create a Glyph without casting it? I thought only I could-- Master Barlowe should hear of this.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 611:32

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 6

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Minera Prison Island
Background Music: Cantus Motet -1-
When: Shortly after arriving at underground basement
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus George dialogueGeorge

Saving George
(Shanoa finds Albus trapping a villager in a crystal)

Shanoa: Let that man go, Albus.
Albus: As you wish, my dear. I was just finishing up, so he's all yours.
Shanoa: Why involve the villagers? This doesn't concern them.
Albus: Doesn't it? Worry not, dear Shanoa, everything will make sense when my plan is complete.
(Albus vanishes in sight. Shanoa absorbs the Glyph above to free the man)
George: So kind of you to save me.
Shanoa: Did he do anything strange? Where are the others?
George: He drew some of my blood and chanted a few words... As for the others, I heard him say he was going to the village. I'm worried.

Shanoa: The village again...? What is Albus trying to do?

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 1415:22

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 14

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Skeleton Cave
When: After defeating Maneater
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogueAlbus

Another Dominus Given
(Shanoa encounters Albus again)

Albus: You seem to be feeling better. Impressive work; finding me and all.
Shanoa: A blind man could have found you. You left a trail...
Albus: Just like when we were children playing tag. Once you started to cry, I'd feel terrible and let you win.
Shanoa: What are you getting at?
Albus: Why not try it now, and perhaps I'll let you catch me.
Shanoa: ...Try crying? You know I can't. I don't remember any of that.
Albus: Apologies Shanoa, but no tears, no deal... Still, it'd be a shame to leave you empty-handed.
(Albus conjures another Dominus)
Shanoa: Again... What are you doing?
Albus: Oh, just accept it. It's a gift. Besides, it's what you came here for.
(Shanoa absorbs the Dominus)
Albus: Shanoa... Do you know what the Dominus is?
Shanoa: The ultimate Glyph, of course. The one that can destroy Dracula.
Albus: Half-right. But think about it: where does a Glyph's power come from? Nothing comes from nothing, after all. What do you suppose Barlowe used to create his precious Dominus?
Shanoa: Hmph... What?
Albus: They used Dracula, Shanoa. Dominus is made from his remains. That's HIS power. Nothing less.
Shanoa: Dominus is...? It can't be true.
Albus: Ask the old man if you think I'm lying. And be quick about it; I'm very nearly done with all this.
(Albus suddenly vanishes)

Shanoa: Master Barlowe... Is Albus telling the truth? I have to find out.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 2113:25

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 21

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Giant's Dwelling
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa

Albus dialogue1Albus

Tracing Albus
(Shanoa approaches the farthest portion of Oblivion Ridge)

Shanoa: I sense strong magic behind that door... it's Dominus.
(Shanoa enters the chapel and find the last piece of Dominus floating inside. She approaches the Glyph but ends up trapped in the same crystal used by Albus)
Albus: Try to relax, Shanoa; no more interfering. About those Dominus pieces, by the way... It's time to explain why I gave them to you.
(Albus absorbs the Glyph)
Albus: Gyaaaaah! It's working... I FEEL IT!
Shanoa: But Barlowe said you weren't able to bear Glyphs... Did you... You let me absorb the other two just to see how it's done!
Albus: Ha! You see, I--Urgh... Hng! Gaaaaaaaaahhh!
(Albus suddenly change, clutching his head and becomes irritated)
Shanoa: ...What's happening?
Albus: ...And now... My wish will be... Shanoa, I--
(Albus looks up and struggles to control the power of Dominus)
Albus: Rrgh... What!? Th-This can't be!
(Albus clutches his head once more)
Albus: No... I've come too far... I will NOT be consumed! ...We'll settle this later, Shanoa.
(Albus vanishes away)

Shanoa: Wait, Albus! This is bad... Master Barlowe will know what to do.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 2612:34

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 26

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Oblivion Ridge
Shanoa dialogueShanoa

Albus dialogue3Albus

Inevitable Battle
(Shanoa enters the manor)

Shanoa: If this is how it must be, then let's end it now.
(Albus faces Shanoa)
Albus: The Dominus is mine, and I've waited long enough. Hand it over, Shanoa.
Shanoa: Is this why you betrayed our master? Did you trade your home, your life, just to be consumed by this darkness? What did you hope to gain!? Answer me.
(Albus clutches his head and struggles)
Albus: Shanoa... What am I--!? Gaaah! No, Shanoa... RUN! You have to get away from here! Now!
Shanoa: ...Albus?
(Albus clutches his head once more and laugh diabolically. The voice of Dracula resonates inside his mind)
Albus: Run...? Ha! What good would that do her? She cannot escape me. All of humanity is merely cattle, led to slaughter at my behest. I, Lord Dracula! Give yourself as sustenance to me, weak, foolish human! That will be your honor!!
Shanoa: ...... Even in this state, without any memory of the man you once were, I pity you. It's my duty to free you from this suffering; to ensure you don't meet such an end. Rest in peace, Albus.

(The battle begins)

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 2813:55

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 28

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Mystery Manor
When: Battle with Albus
Shanoa dialogue1Shanoa


Albus's Truth
(Albus collapses in the ground)

Shanoa: This will complete Dominus, the power that corrupted Albus...and consumed him. Can this cursed power truly be used to vanquish evil? ...I'll return the final piece to Barlowe--my mission is complete.
(Shanoa absorbs the last Dominus Glyph stolen by Albus)
Shanoa: What's...going on!? Albus's memories--! ...I can feel them...
(The memory of Albus resonates inside Shanoa’s mind. A flashback occurs)
Albus: Name's Albus. I guess we're brother and sister now.
Shanoa: My brother, huh? ...Albus.
(Another flashback occurs)
Albus: Argh!
Shanoa: You can't keep doing this; you'll destroy yourself! Let me take your place.
Albus: What... kind of brother would I be...if I didn't protect you...? That' role.
(Yet another flashback occurs)
Albus: Accepting Dominus is likely to interfere with one's memory and emotions.
Barlowe: I see...
Albus: That being the case, we should assume the true price is much higher... Sir! Name me as the bearer. I can't allow Shanoa to risk her life.
Barlowe: But you aren't able--
Albus: There has to be a way! ...and I'll find it.
Barlowe: All right, Albus. I will give you my word. But, before all that, I have a great errand for you...
(Flashbacks end)
Shanoa: ...But Barlowe told me Albus took my memories. It was Dominus? Albus, did you steal Dominus for my sake...?
???: So you figured it out. ...a shame everything ended in failure.
(Albus's spirit is somewhat retained inside of Shanoa after she absorbed the glyph)
Albus: Inside Dominus, actually, which you absorbed.
Shanoa: That isn't possible.
Albus: It would seem the blood of the holy whip's legacy makes many things possible. One of life's fortunate miracles, you might say. Betrayed by the old man, I fled with Dominus. In this way I had taken your place as bearer, and you were no longer at risk. Alone, I continued my research into methods of controlling Dominus. As you know, that Glyph's power is Dracula's as well. To this end, I required the blood of the sacred Belmont clan. Since they vanished years ago, I set out to find any traces of their heritage.
Shanoa: ...The villagers.
Albus: Exactly. Fate drew them to the village...all thirteen of that line. I studied their blood with great diligence... In the end, even that power wasn't enough to contain Dominus, and the Glyph consumed me.
Shanoa: ...But with your body gone, your spirit remains--absorbed into the Glyph. And now, that soul dwells within me, alongside the power of Dominus.
Albus: By all accounts, Dominus should have overpowered and erased my will. However, the villager's power courses through you, and that tethered me here.
Shanoa: How can that be?
Albus: Probably from absorbing the Glyphs I used to imprison them... You are quite remarkable, Shanoa.
Shanoa: ...... There is still one thing I do not understand, Albus. Why did you try to take my place, if you knew it would cost you your life?
Albus: ...I doubt you could understand, without your memories or emotions. Let's just say I knew what mattered to me, and what had to be done. Once the ritual began, though, I no longer had any choice. Everything that happened since then was laid out before me... a path I had to follow.
Shanoa: I still don't understand...
Albus: It's just as well. No need to concern yourself with the affairs of my heart. But, I do need you to promise me one thing.
Shanoa: What is it?
Albus: No matter what happens, you mustn't use Dominus. Its power comes at a great price... Your life. Please, Shanoa... Don't ever use Dominus! You have to trust me!
Shanoa: I do, Albus.
Albus: Then I've done all I can. Thank you, Shanoa... ...but now, I believe my time is at an end.
Shanoa: Albus, wait! I have to know--
Albus: You'll be fine now. ...Remember your promise.
Shanoa: ...Albus...? Don't go, Albus! ...You gave up your life for my sake, and I don't feel anything. I can't even shed a tear... ...... Why was everything stolen from me!?
(Shanoa starts to leave but stops)

Shanoa: Only one person can answer my questions. ...I won't let Albus's sacrifice go to waste. I must learn the truth.

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 2813:55

Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia Walkthrough Part 28

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Mystery Manor
Shanoa dialogue2Shanoa


Good Ending
Shanoa: I've fulfilled my mission; now there's nothing left... My life... I feel it... ...ebbing away. quiet... I can't hear anything.

(A flashback occurs)
???: Name's Albus. I guess we're brother and sister now.
Shanoa: ...what?
(Another flashback occurs)
???: Sir! Name me as the bearer. I can't allow Shanoa to risk her life.
Shanoa: ...Albus's memories from Dominus must be flowing through my mind... They're the only memories left to me now...
(Yet another flashback occurs)
???: What... kind of brother would I be...if I didn't protect you...? That' role.
Shanoa: Now I see why Albus risked his life for me... ...... ...Why am I crying? Such warm tears, I... This must be some sort of dream--a final vision before I die...
Albus: This is no dream, Shanoa. The tears you shed are your own.
Shanoa: Is that...Albus!?
(Shanoa rises from the floor)
Shanoa: ...Not a dream. My tears were real.
Albus: Once I realized I was allowed to exist within Dominus, I thought to find out what else had been absorbed... It seems your precious sacrifice remained intact.
Shanoa: Albus! I thought you were gone!
Albus: Since my existence was questionable at best, once we parted ways I wandered the darkness inside Dominus to see if I could locate the memories it had taken from you... As soon as you used the Glyph to stop Dracula, its dark power rushed away, leaving one glimmer behind. That last trace of light was your sacrifice...
Shanoa: That is so like you, Albus. You can't just solve every problem on your own without telling me!
Albus: ...To be fair, I am your big brother, after all.
Shanoa: But...thank you, Albus. Now I can die with such happiness in my heart.
Albus: Shanoa... there's no need for you to die.
Shanoa: I've already used Dominus, Albus. That power comes at the cost of my life.
Albus: Dominus requires but a single soul.
Shanoa: ...You're taking my place!? Albus, no! You've already done so much, and I haven't repaid you!
Albus: No arguments, Shanoa. This is my role.
Shanoa: No, I...!
Albus: If you want to repay me, then you can grant one final wish.
Shanoa: ...Anything.
Albus: Smile for me. That will be enough.
Shanoa: But--
Albus: Please... Before I fade away...
Shanoa: O...Okay...
(Shanoa smiles with tears running on her face)
Albus: Beautiful. I... I can finally...
(Albus's spirit finally leaves Shanoa's body)
Shanoa: Albus...? Wait, don't... No! ALBUS!!!

(The whole castle begins to crumble. Shanoa manages to reach the castle's outskirt and watches the castle as it falls down)

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Dracula (No Damage + Best Ending)05:53

Castlevania Order of Ecclesia - Dracula (No Damage + Best Ending)

Game: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Location: Final Approach
Background Music: Rituals
When: After defeating Dracula

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