Akumajo Dracula X is a soundtrack released on November 3rd, 1993. It contains the original soundtracks to Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Bloodlines, as well as a few songs from Akumajō Dracula (Sharp X68000). The music was composed by Konami Kukeiha Club.

Track listEdit

Disc 1Edit

  1. Overture (Opening: Richter's Theme)
  2. Requiem
  3. Divine Bloodlines
  4. Vampire Killer
  5. Cross a Fear
  6. Bloody Tears
  7. Cemetery
  8. Beginning
  9. Op.13 (originally Slash)[1]
  10. Ghost Ship Painting (also known as Painting of the Phantom Ship)
  11. Slash (originally Op.13)[2]
  12. The Nest (also known as Den)
  13. Dark Desires (also known as Dancing in Phantasmic Hell)
  14. Dance of Illusions
  15. March of the Righteous (also known as March of the Holy Man)
  16. Mary Samba
  17. Cross Your Heart

Disc 2Edit

  1. The Beating in the Darkness
  2. A Vision of Dark Secrets
  3. Bonds of Brave Men
  4. Arduous Journey
  5. Reincarnated Soul
  6. The Sinking Old Sanctuary
  7. The Discolored Wall
  8. Beginning
  9. Bloody Tears
  10. Vampire Killer
  11. After the Good Fight
  12. Mysterious Curse
  13. Iron-Blue Intention
  14. The Prayer of a Tragic Queen
  15. Calling from Heaven
  16. Messenger from Devil
  17. Nothing to Lose
  18. The 6 Servants of the Devil
  19. Theme of Simon
  20. The Vampire's Stomach
  21. Stage Clear with the Red Crystal
  22. Together Forever
  23. Requiem for the Nameless Victims
  24. Moon Fight
  25. Mother Earth
  26. File Load BGM
  27. Simon's Theme

Additional informationEdit

  • Disc 1: Rondo of Blood Original Soundtrack
  • Disc 2:
    Tracks 01~23: Bloodlines Original Soundtrack
    Tracks 24~27: Akumajo Dracula X68000 Arranged Tracks
  • Eric Lecarde's theme in Castlevania Judgment is "Iron-Blue Intention".

Composers and arrangersEdit

Disc 1Edit

  • Akiropito: Tracks 1, 3
  • Jigokuguruma Nakamura: Tracks 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15
  • Sanoppi: Tracks 2, 13, 14, 16
  • Metal Yuhki: Tracks 4, 6, 8, 17 (Arrangement)

Disc 2Edit

  • Michiru Yamane: Tracks 1~23
  • Jigokuguruma Nakamura: Tracks 24~27 (Arrangement)

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  1. Op.13 and Slash were replaced by each other on the original track list, leading to a confusion
  2. Op.13 and Slash were replaced by each other on the original track list, leading to a confusion

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