Akumajō Dracula Famicom Best
Japanese name
悪魔城ドラキュラ ファミコン・ベスト Akumajō Dorakyura Famikon Besuto
Release date(s)
Mar 21st, 1990 (first editions)
Sep 23rd, 1998 (reprint)
Catalog number(s)
KICA-1005 (first edition)
KITA-1005 (cassette edition)
KICA-7901 (reprint)
¥ 2,800 (first edition)
¥ 2,500 (cassette edition)
¥ 1,980 (reprint)
Number of discs
Number of tracks
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Akumajō Dracula Famicom Best is a compilation of the original soundtracks from Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. Konami Kukeiha Club composed the music. The soundtrack was released on March 21st, 1990. A reprint of this soundtrack, renamed as Akumajō Dracula Best, was released on September 23rd, 1998 with Akumajō Dracula Best 2.


Track listEdit

  1. "Beginning" -from Akumajo Densetsu- (遥かなる凱旋 - Beginning - 悪魔城伝説より) - 3:22
  2. "Bloody Tears" -from Dracula II- (血の涙 -ドラキュラIIより) 1:18
  3. "NEW DETERMINATION" (新たなる決意) - 6:01
    Consists of the themes Prelude, Epitaph, Prayer, Beginning, Boss Fight, and Boss Clear.
  4. "DESPERATE BATTLE" (決死の対戦) - 6:21
    Consists of the themes Destiny, Clockwork, Mad Forest, and Anxiety.
  5. "RALPH'S CRISIS!" (ラルフ危機!) - 3:36
    Consists of the themes Rising, Stream and Game Over.
  6. "DARKNESS AND TENSION" (暗黒と緊迫) - 4:17
    Consists of the themes Dead Beat, Nightmare and Encounter.
  7. "ESCAPE FROM THE UNDERGROUND" (地下からの脱出) - 2:30
    Consists of the themes Aquarius and Pressure.
  8. "THE FINAL BATTLE" (最期の戦い) - 7:52
    Consists of the themes Demon Seed, Vampire Killer, Riddle, Overture, Big Battle and All Clear.
  9. "ENDING" (エンディング) - 2:30
  10. "Message of Darkness" (Naming BGM) (Message of Darkness ネーミングBGM) - 0:42
  11. "Within these Castle Walls" (Castle BGM) (Within these Castle Walls 城BGM) - 0:44
  12. "Bloody Tears" (Day time road BGM) (Bloody Tears 昼の道BGM) - 1:05
  13. "The Silence of the Daylight" (Day time town BGM) (The Silence of the Daylight 昼の街BGM) - 0:58
  14. "Dwelling of Doom" (Mansion BGM) (Dwelling of Doom 館BGM) - 0:59
  15. "Monster Dance" (Night BGM) (Monster Dance 夜のBGM) - 0:58
  16. "Last Boss" (Last Boss BGM) (Last Boss 最終ボスBGM) - 0:37
  17. "Game Over" (Game Over) (Game Over ゲーム・オーバー) - 0:05
  18. "A Requiem" (Ending) (A Requiem エンディング) - 1:59
  19. "Underground" (Naming BGM) (Underground ネーミングBGM) - 0:30
  20. "Prologue" (Start BGM) (Prologue スタート・BGM) - 0:08
  21. "Vampire Killer" (Breaking into the castle BGM) (Vampire Killer 城に侵入BGM) - 1:15
  22. "Stalker" (Tower BGM) (Stalker 塔BGM) - 1:14
  23. "Wicked Child" (Outdoors BGM) (Wicked Child 屋外BGM) - 2:06
  24. "Walking on the Edge" (Underground BGM) (Walking on the Edge 地下BGM) - 1:43
  25. "Heart of Fire" (Dracula's castle main building BGM) (Heart of Fire ドラキュラ城本館BGM) - 2:12
  26. "Out of Time" (Clock Tower BGM) (Out of Time 時計台BGM) - 1:21
  27. "Nothing to Lose" (Last Stage BGM) (Nothing to Lose 最終ステージBGM) - 1:33
  28. "Poison Mind" (Boss BGM) (Poison Mind ボスBGM) - 0:32
  29. "Black Night" (Last Boss BGM) (Black Night 最終ボスBGM) - 0:57
  30. "Voyager" (Ending) (Voyager エンディング) - 0:56
  31. "The Silence of the Daylight" (Town Stage BGM) - 1:14
  32. "Bloody Tears" (Street-day time-Stage BGM) - 0:49
  33. "A Requiem" (Ending BGM) - 1:36



Akumajo Dracula front cover
Cd case-back

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