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Aiolon Ruins Map

Aiolon Ruins Map

Aiolon Ruins (Iororn Ruins in Japanese version) is a stage of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. This area can be reached from Cordova Town and the Abandoned Castle.

In those ruins, Hector looks for Isaac and Trevor Belmont. The two are actually fighting, but Isaac flees with Hector's arrival. Trevor and Hector then accept to collaborate.


Dialogue Data: Aiolon Ruins (edit)
Image / Participants Transcript Information
Cod offart55Hector

Trevor2FTTrevor Cod offart56Isaac Cod offart59Zead

Trevor Hunts the Devil Forgemaster
(Isaac and Trevor are engaged in a battle as Hector enters. Trevor dodges the first strike but Isaac manages to scratch him across the chest with the side of a blade at the end of his Chauve-Souris. Trevor retaliates by latching his whip round Isaac's spear thereby locking it in place for a second)

Trevor: You are not without skill.
(Trevor throws up Isaac's spear and quickly kicks him away. Abel dashes toward Trevor from the air, but Trevor quickly tosses throwing knives at Abel making him fall back. Isaac looks toward Trevor with a look of disgust as the two prepare to battle once more. Trevor strikes his whip toward Issac and the whip latches onto the Chauve-Souris. He pulls Isaac to the left then jerks him to the right, causing Issac to fall to his knees. Isaac looks toward Trevor with a look of hate as he swings his whip toward him. He backflips away as the whip strikes the ground, breaking the concrete. Trevor strikes again but Isaac quickly flips to the side as Trevor's whip misses and plows up concrete once again. Isaac lands next to his spear and quickly rolls toward it narrowly missing another whip strike. Isaac grabs the spear)
Isaac: Ha! You vanquished Lord Dracula by a fluke, a mere twist of fortune. Yet I grant, you are adept. (looks to the side) Hector?
(Isaac rushes toward Trevor and tries to hit him with the side of his spear. He kicks Trevor's chest as he blocks the attack, and spins his spear and backs off)
Isaac: I need not linger here any longer. I've gotten what I need. But mark me well... I will slay both of you, without fail. Without fail...
(Isaac fades away)
Trevor: So he escaped... He fled when he saw you. There can be no doubt of it, then. You are indeed his enemy.
Hector: Just as I told you when we first met.
Trevor: Be that as it may, I am the one who shall vanquish him. Your meddling is unwelcome. Leave him to me.
(Trevor walks away)
Zead: Pity. How unfortunate. Such a rare opportunity. Squandered...
Hector: On the contrary. To obtain the vengeance I seek, Isaac must be slain by my hand alone. Ergo, nothing was lost.
Zead: Think you so? Then you shall be glad to know where he is bound.
Hector: And where might that be?
Zead: The castle ruins where we first met. Do you remember the place?
Hector: How could I forget?
Zead: Well said. At the top of those ruins, there is a hidden chamber. It's there you shall find him.
Hector: Then that is where I must go. Ah, I'd almost forgotten... Saint Germain gives you his regards.
Zead: (curious) Saint Germain, you say? Did you meet him in the clock tower?
Hector: Just so. He pledged he would no longer interfere in this matter.
(Zead holds up hand and walks to the side trying to deny what he heard)
Zead: It cannot be. No, that is not possible... I must make haste to complete the final touches. I beg your leave. Adieu.

(Zead rushes off quickly. Hector watches suspiciously as Zead departs)


14. Curse of darkness- Trevor vs Isaac

Japanese version:
video - Nico Nico Douga video (registration required)
Game: Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Location: Aiolon Ruins
Background Music: Followers of Darkness -The Third-, Isaac vs Trevor
When: Upon entering the room in the far northeast of Aiolin Ruins

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Aiolon Ruins
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
COD-043 43. Bone Soldier Lv.18  (Skeleton Soldier Lv18) [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
A more intelligent skeleton, made from the bones of a knight and equipped with a sword and shield. Strong: Dark
Weak: Fire
Level: 18
HP: 92
Exp: 36
Common Drop: Steel
Rare Drop: Knight's Vein
Steal: $50
Forest of Jigramunt, Aiolon Ruins, Tower of Eternity
COD-081 81. Undead Lord Lv.33  (Spartacus Lv33) [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
A top-ranking skeleton with high intelligence and attack power. Wields a high-speed spiked mace. Strong: Dark
Weak: Fire
Level: 33
HP: 171
Exp: 132
Common Drop: Red Steel
Steal: $100
Eneomaos Machine Tower, Aiolon Ruins
COD-085 85. Assassin Zombie Lv.34  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
Moves faster underground than on the surface, so waits for a chance to attack foes from below. Strong: Earth
Weak: Light
Level: 34
HP: 312
Exp: 219
Common Drop: Indigo Steel
Rare Drop: Jade
Steal: $200
Aiolon Ruins
COD-093 93. Jin Lv.36  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
A monster born of wind, hidden inside a rapidly spinning whirlwind. Attacks with blades of air. Strong: Wind, Light
Level: 36
HP: 820
Exp: 254
Rare Drop: Midas' Gold
Steal: Frenzy of Wind
Aiolon Ruins
COD-087 87. Necromancer Lv.35  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
An evil magic user who made a deal with the devil, allowing him to summon monsters one after another. Strong: Fire
Weak: Earth
Level: 35
HP: 272
Exp: 146
Common Drop: Red Steel
Rare Drop: Spirit of Fuji
Steal: $100
Aiolon Ruins
COD-098 98. Thunder Demon Lv.38  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
An eletric demon with command of thunder. Can summon bolts onto enemies' heads from far away. Strong: Thunder
Weak: Wind, Earth
Level: 38
HP: 383
Exp: 264
Rare Drop: Storm Ring
Steal: Lightning Stone
Aiolon Ruins
COD-083 83. Vassago Lv.34  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
A floating spirit holding two axes. Attacks with both axes in succession or by spinning like a top. Strong: Dark
Weak: Light
Level: 34
HP: 218
Exp: 124
Steal: Ceremonial Tool
Eneomaos Machine Tower, Aiolon Ruins
COD-073 73. Rapid Sniper Lv.31  [ edit ]
Curse of Darkness (Strategy)
A top-ranked orc; employs a rapid firing blowgun to mow down foes. Pincushions anything within range. Strong: Ice
Weak: Thunder, Earth
Level: 31
HP: 169
Exp: 96
Common Drop: Ceramics
Rare Drop: Pork Bowl
Steal: $100
Aiolon Ruins

See more at Aiolon Ruins/Enemy Data 2.

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