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Adventure Stage 4
Castlevania: The Adventure

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Stage 4 for Castlevania: The Adventure is the main castle and vampire crypt.

Enemy DataEdit

Enemy Data: Stage 4
Image Name - Game
Statistics Items Location
Gb-knight 9. Evil Armor  [alt]
In the hall where you meet Knights, leave the items and concentrate on not getting sandwhiched. Attack the rear Knight first.(*) HP: 2
Exp: 50
Atk: 1
4. Castle
Zeldo-gb1 7. Zeldo  (Night Stalker)
The boomerangs follow two patterns. High to low or low to high. To evade, duck high throws and jump over low throws.(*) HP: 5
Exp: 100
Atk: 2
2. Cave, 4. Castle
Gobanze2 10. Gobanz  (Zeldo) [alt]
This servant of Dracula is huge and strong. One knock of his club can put you out of action. (...)(*) Exp: 3000 (boss), 200 (enemy)
1. Forest, 4. Castle
Gb-punaguch 6. Punaguchi  (Bunaguchi) [alt]
The balls that Spitter fires at you will bounce around the chamber until you hit them. Dodge and run on by if you can.(*) HP: 4
Exp: 50
Atk: 1
2. Cave, 4. Castle
Dracgbcv1 13. Dracula 
Finally you have reached the Prince of Darkness.(*) 4. Castle
Dracgbcv12 14. Dracula [Bat Form] 
Your moment of attack is when he is in the form of a bat. From the middle lower platform, wait until the bat moves to the left, then attack.(*) 4. Castle

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Castlevania The Adventure - Stage 4 - No Damage06:31

Castlevania The Adventure - Stage 4 - No Damage

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